Some Of My iPad Art and About iPad Art Printing

Black ink face drawing
Painted this in the lovely “Zen Brush 2” app. I use my finger to paint and draw on the screen, rather than a stylus.

I have drawn and painted quite a few “faces” in recent weeks. I used a range of media provided, in these amazing art apps.  They look much like works I do on paper and canvas.

It’s so handy drawing and and painting this way. No set up of materials; I just flip open the iPad lid, and off I go. I get a lot more; sketching, experimenting and artworks completed, in a shorter space of time. Helpful, when time is sometimes difficult to find for my art and writing.

And the more you do, the better, to see where you are going!

Another sepia face drawing
I drew this with oil pastel and a bit of coloured pencil and smudge tools, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Much of the fun, when writing and drawing, is in the process, even when the end result is not always successful..

From iPad to Print.

I’ve exhibited my artwork (on paper and canvas) only a handful of times over the years. As well, as sharing some of it in the form of handmade books of illustrated poems.

I plan to exhibit my art again, at some stage. I also hope to print more of my illustrated poems, and turn a collection of them into and ebook, using a wonderful app called “Book Creator”.

Late last year I had an exhibition of my iPad art prints in our local cafe. It went well. There’s more information about it on my page, “About Some Art Apps, Other Apps and My Books”.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with printing up my iPad art: as laser prints; on my home printer and more recently as giclee prints, via uploading them from my iPad, to a printer:

Soft face 2
Paint, conte pastel and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

The prints are excellent and reasonably priced.  I’m glad to have found this printing company, as “giclee” prints seem to be the requirement for exhibiting in a gallery and are a more acceptable print in terms of archival qualities. *Update: now I’m able to print great quality prints at home; and these will serve well for any future exhibitions. 

Before uploading my art to the Printers I mentioned above, via the photo section of the iPad, I place a white border around them. To do this I had to put the border on the artwork before putting it into “iPhotos”: I often use a page in the Book Creator app, to do this.

I use the “Pages” app to put borders on my art, before I email them as pdfs to my local “officechoice” store, for laser printing and for printing at home. They are printed on archival gloss paper and look great!

Eggs in a red bowl
Playing about with the lovely greys and reds in “Zen Brush 2” app.  I love swishing the ink around in this app; hmm, not all that happy with this painting. Need to get to know more about the various effects of this ink, as with any new media. Well, that’s my excuse! 🙂
Pencil, colour wash drawing
Paint, graphite pencil, texta, smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

To enlarge all, please touch on one of the pics below.

Pencil drawing of woman standing
Used pencil and wax crayon in”Art Set Pro” app.
Charcoal face
The lovely charcoal in “Art Set Pro”.
A green plant
I used paint, pencil, wax crayon in “Art Set Pro”, on a brown paper surface.
Face of woman looking up
Painted this on a brown paper surface and used smudge tools, in “Art Set Pro”. Had difficulty in getting the right expression; looks a little too serious.

Blogging (among many other great things) has also helped me: sort out my art, try out ideas, organize and develop and plan some of my arty adventures. And I plan to keep posting here fornightly; more often when time permits! I also pray and try to follow God’s lead in all I do. A comfort and a blessing.

So God willing, I’ll get time to do all that I want to do…whatever happens, I’m thankful.

Hope you have a happy, creative and blessed weekend.

My Zen Brush 2 Painting and Information on iPad Art – a Downloadable Pdf

Red Zen Brush Flowers

I painted these flowers in the inky Zen Brush 2 app. This is the latest version; even more lovely than the first release, which also has beautiful media. Along with the black and greys, there is now  red and pinks, and it’s even more whooshy than the first one. Love it! I’ll be sharing more of my artworks from this app soon. *I draw and paint with my finger, rather than a stylus.

Since I began blogging here about 7 months ago – I’ve tried to present in my posts, the creative potential of drawing and painting using various art apps.

I thought a downloadable information sheet, may also be helpful. I enjoyed doing the “infographic” as I think they are called; look similiar to what I know as “Mind Maps”.  Recently when I shared about my iPad art at the local community house it spurred me on to write one. *My info graphic” and a link to it are at the bottom of this post. 

Some of my fellow bloggers will be familiar with the information below – though you may glean something more.
Opportunity strikes here, for me to say a big thank you to all of you, for your “likes” and encouraging comments in these past months. Also thank you for your lovely posts – beautiful art, photos, poetry and in general great writing! So inspiring!

Instead of catching you at the other end, I’ll say my cheerio here…and have a great weekend. 🙂

Some general background points

For nearly two years, I’ve explored drawing and painting on my iPad, using extraordinary art app media – not something I really planned. *Some art apps I use are also available on android tablets.

Never thought I’d draw with my finger on a glass screen, or use any of this type of modern technology!
All my studies and training are in the traditional, fine arts. I’ve rarely used a computer and have no skills in using digital art programs.

What began as an initial search for an art app to do simple line drawings, to illustrate my poems; became an exciting adventure, as I discovered apps which offered amazing media – much better than I ever imagined was possible! As in any art materials, there’s both poor and excellent quality. The art apps and their media I eventually found, and now use, are in the excellent category! *There’s more info on my posts and pages on my blog and of course, in the App store.

With the easy to use art apps, I list on the “infographic” below, you can work in much the same style: colours, line work, tonal range…. as you do on paper or canvas. This was important to me. I like to experiment in my artworks, but I also want to continue to use the skills I have spent years developing. So I was glad to find art apps which need little techno expertise, and I could just get on with drawing and painting!

Though many people use a stylus, I prefer to draw on the screen with my finger. I push around, oil pastels, splash around paint, or crosshatch with a pencil and so on… Quickly, I focus on my art, and the “feel” of the media, and the screen becomes my paper or canvas. Some: I print up at home, or via an email for lovely laser prints or off to the printers for giclee prints. Many, stay unseen – much like my paper sketchbooks.

My iPad (with an attached keyboard) is a self-contained, all purpose, art and writing studio. I use it to blog (I built this website on it) write, paint, draw, read, make ebooks, easily put together “infographics”, scan in my works on paper or canvas, work on them further in an art app, reprint them…and more. Also saves: time, money and space.

To download this information pdf, please press on the title link below. Fits onto an A4 sheet of paper. For personal use only, not commercial. Thank you. I have copyright info on the sidebar of my blog.

iPad Art Info Pdf
Info pdf pic