Quick Sketches, Drawn in the Art Set Pro App

*I use my finger to draw and paint on the iPad screen, rather than a stylus.

Some: faces, a still life, and a mother and baby drawing.

Mother and Baby Sketch
I used the wax crayons, sponge and graphite pencil. I haven’t used these crayons much…I really like them!
Face drawing
I used wax crayon and a bit of graphite pencil. Running the sponge over the wax crayon makes lovely watercolour type of wash.
Still life sketch
Rushed around with the wax crayon – a quick imaginary still life. Used the sponge and a touch of graphite pencil.
Sketch of a woman
Used the brown paper surface; and began with a wash of light paint in the face area. Then drew the face with charcoal…used paint and sponge.
Resting woman
Did a little more layering of colour, with the wax crayon in this one

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Lemon Drawing on Paper, then Paint Washes Added on My iPad

Lemon drawing
This is the finished drawing. Begun on paper; scanned into my iPad and completed in the “Art Set Pro” app. Happy with some parts of it.

As I did with my garlic drawing, I began this drawing on paper. I again used a fineliner pen. With this one I also added graphite pencil. The pencil is soluble in water.

I swished a wet brush across the pencil marks and turned them into a grey wash. I scanned the drawing into my iPad with the “Scanner Pro” app; then I took it into the “Art Set Pro” app and added some thin colour washes, coloured pencil and used smudge tools.

It’s handy to be able to smudge the fineliner pen lines in the app.

This is the finished drawing above and below are some of the processes.
*I use my finger, rather than a stylus, to draw and paint on my iPad. 

*Tap on any drawing below to enlarge all of them.

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