Mother and Baby 1.A and Quick Video

Mother and Baby painting

I often draw and paint images of a mother and baby; as a mum of four boys (young men now) it’s probably not surprising. I do so many of them I’ve decided to begin giving each a number and letter as a title; which I also do now with my flower artworks. A bit of a melancholy look on her face; think it could well be tiredness!

I painted this with gouache, on acrylic painting paper. After I scanned it in with the Scanner Pro app, I softened some of the outer edges with the artist crayon in Procreate (hmm, a suitable name in this instance); and added a touch more media in places. You can see this in the video below.

It printed up well on the Epson Archival Matte paper. I love how it shows the texture of the paper. Sort of like the edge around the pic, but may try it with out it. I’ll remove it with the eraser set on the soft airbrush in the Procreate app. Hmm, may soften the line under the right eye…difficult to know when to finish sometimes!

Mother and Baby
I took a photo of the print (centred on A4 size paper) with the iPad camera, rather than with the Scanner Pro app. This gives a softer look and closer to how the print appears – though it is a tiny bit richer in colour than this.

Sometimes a scan is brighter in colour than the work on paper or canvas, which often I quite like; and informs me of changes I may like to make to the original.

My skills with scanning are improving. This enables me to quite easily make “reproductive” prints of some of my traditional media artworks. I also continue to experiment with beginning a work on paper/canvas, completing a large part of it in an art app; and sometimes adding more traditional art media on the print…and so on… And there’s some lovely inkjet papers that I’m trying out.

Thanks for stopping by!

A Video – Sketching on my iPad

Sketches on an iPad

I’ve mentioned about placing a video here of me (at least of my finger) drawing and painting on the iPad. Finally, I’ve (ok, my hand) has made it to the big, or rather the small screen.

You may have seen videos of artists, swishing about with their media, with great mood music playing in the background, wonderful camera angles and lighting – well, this isn’t one of them. *The video is a little further along.

There was the sound of tip tapping of dog paws  – our two cute Jack Russels – across the dining room floor; and me telling them to shoosh. As well, a few whisperings between my youngest son – the camera man – and I.

I managed to edit out the sound, and even put some captions on the video. However, by the time I’d figured out how to do this, I’d lost all momentum to figure out how to add music…

Importantly, you can see the iPad screen clearly, and me drawing, “albeit”  (such, a lovely old fashioned expression) just a bit of sketching – certainly not a masterpiece. 😉 It may not be as arty looking as seeing someone flourishing a brush, yet, the process feels surprisingly – given the somewhat oddity of it all – similar, and for me, just as rewarding. I’m using the lovely natural looking media, in the app “Art Set Pro”, which has a particularly visually appealing user panel.

I’ll continue to share on occaisions, the easier video option, where you can see my drawing unfolding – recorded from within an art app. But, I think my finger’s moment of fame is to be short lived.  No time for these shenanigans, there’s: dinner to cook, dogs to walk, family to chat with…

Nevertheless, I hope this little video, is helpful in giving you some further insights into iPad art.

I sometimes mix my iPad art and traditional art together, in the same drawing/painting. You can see some examples of this in a recent post.

Thank you for your time in reading this; and viewing my video.

Flowers 1F – Painted in the “Procreate” App, and a Video

Flowers 1F

Painted with my finger on the iPad, using the “Nikko Rull” brush, in the”Procreate” app. A blunt sort of brush which suits a bold style of line-work, and the use of flat applications of colour. I love it, reminds me of the look of a linocut – which I used to do years ago. However, while raising a family, gouging into lino became much too time consuming; and it was certainly best, to keep any of those sharp tools away from four energetic boys!

I can see in my iPad art, that I revisit similar styles, media and subject matter, to those I’ve used for years in my traditional art. Drawing and painting on my iPad, saves me lots of time, though each work can still take anywhere between 30mins to a few hours.

In “Procreate”, I discovered if I sidestep the layer system, bypass the plethora of tools and media on offer, and head straight to the basic, but beautiful paints, oil pastels, charcoal and so on… then, I find my comfort zone. Then, I can draw and paint in a way which suits my traditional training.

Do love the look of works by the clever artists, who employ all that “Procreate” has to offer – which I’ve found in recent months, is quite a lot!  I gather some of it’s workings are akin to “Photoshop” – not sure, I’ve never ventured much into computers. The touchscreen technology, namely my iPad, sort of “drew” (just had to put that pun in) me in. *I also have a logitech keyboard attached to the iPad, which makes it all the more comfortable for arranging my art and words. 

So I’ll just keep drawing, painting, writing, blogging, arranging things on my site… on my “iPad air 2”. With visits with my traditional media in between it all – spoilt for choices…thankful!


Drawing faces: quick videos


I drew this using pencil and watercolour in an app called “Sketch Block”. You can if you want to, easily playback a recording of your drawing process and save it as a video to the “Photos” section on the iPad.


This is a simple, fun app, called “Draw – n – Show”. It has a row of coloured pencils and it’s very easy to record you drawing process.

Let your pencil go lightly,

Let it go loose; with vigour – find the edges

yet – with gentleness

© Janette Leeds