Watercolour, Gouache, Art App Media – Some Works in Progress

Painting of a woman’s face
I began this with a very quick pencil sketch on Art Spectrum Draw & Wash 210gsm paper – also great paper to print on. Then added watercolour and gouache. I took it into the “Procreate” app, where I’ve added (and subtracted) a little to it. You can see the original below (after the next pic) – I’ve not quite finished it yet.

Since returning to using more of my traditional art media, I’m really enjoying the interplay between working both onscreen, and offscreen (reminds me of Star trek terminology ) 🙂  Such as: catching a pencil sketch with the “Scanner Pro” app, playing about with it in an art app… printing it… then perhaps applying some watercolour. Or enlarging and cropping a part of a scanned in watercolour, printing it, then applying more traditional media to it…and so on..and on.. *There’s info on the captions under each pic, describing it’s travels. 

Paintings of a woman’s face
Applying some more media in the “Procreate” app.
A mix of artworks and media
A collection of paper and media… really love the rich colours of the palette set of Caran d’Ache gouache. More about these two pics below.
Drawing of a woman’s face
A splash of watercolour in the “UBrush Pro” app, and also used a grey pencil in this app for the drawing, I then printed it onto Canson 220 drawing paper. You can see above, the watercolour and gouache I added to the print… and below is the same pic taken into “Procreate” where I’ve dabbed down some more colour work.
Painting of a woman
I’ve put more white to it, as is usual I get too heavy handed with my watercolour washes – which I suppose can suit in places, but not all over! A little more of a smile added as well – a good thing! 🙂

I’m slowly gathering together a collection of finished works in traditional media on paper; as well as their digital/traditional offspring. Some closely resemble the parent, some less so…each a work in it’s own right.

On my post, “About Drawing Faces”, there’s some more general info about the “faces” I love to draw, and an example of a fine pencil technique I used to draw one of my sons as a baby.

I’m also working on some flowers and still life watercolours, and trying out a little oil-pastel – will share some soonish.

So thankful† for my art opportunities. 

Thanks for visiting – enjoy your weekend. 

“Golden Trees, Blue Hills”, Painted in the “UBrush Pro” App

Landscape painting

Painted with my finger, on the iPad. An imaginary landscape, but no doubt influenced by the beautiful countryside around me. Often I  gaze over to the hills, when I take our dogs for a walk. Though, I’m more likely to see our lovely gumtrees, and Australian bush, than these type of trees. Poetic licence! 🙂 I plan to do more landscapes, and feature some of our local trees soon.

Working on my iPad, in these past couple of years or so, has enabled me to rapidly progress in the areas of: composition, colour, line… and refine some ideas on subject matter. Happily, I find this learning (always something to learn), also transfers across, and can be easily applied, to my traditional artworks.

Of course, the dexterity in handling watercolour (acrylics, oil pastels…) on paper/canvas… comes into play. As well, when working on an iPad/tablet screen, there is also a particular set of skills to learn. For me it’s certainly not a either/or situation. I’m delighted – blessed – to have the choice, to use both iPad and traditional tools and media. With also the option (fun) of sometimes merging pixels and paint into one piece of artwork.

Hope you are having fun, drawing and painting; whether on, paper, canvas, iPad or android tablet. 🙂