Near the Window – Ink Pen and a Mix of Media

Still lifeInk pen with Inktense block washes, watercolour and a little pencil work; on A5 watercolour paper. Border was put on in the Book Creator app. Available as an art print here.

At the last minute, I drew in a vertical black line at the back on the left; then I felt happier with the composition. Things still tilt a bit far to the right, but the folds of the curtains help bring it back around…

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Some Recent Drawings and Links about Drawing

Drawing of a Woman"s face
I did this using oil pastel, conte crayon, crayon coloured pencil, charcoal, on orange paper, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Drawing can be a great place to escape to – a quiet, solitary place – where all seems right with the world.

I had a happy childhood, yet sometimes I found many things overwhelming, and drawing (or escaping into a book) helped me cope.

Two Pears
“Pear – sonable” I used: oil pastel, paint, charcoal, white texta, on white paper, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

When I turned to other less healthy ways to cope with life, I still drew; and when I nearly didn’t have a life at all, I continued to draw. When God saved me in my twenties – I drew and I drew and I drew….

Orange abstract
I used: charcoal, paint, oil pastel, sponge, smudge tools; in the “Art Set Pro” app.

 Quite a few years back, I wrote a poem, called “Creativity”; following, is a line from it.

“We can’t escape our Maker’s mark; from Whom comes our creative spark”.

Whatever field or form that may take…

So thankful to Jesus Christ, for my wonderful life.

Womans's face
I used: black paint, charcoal, white pencil, white texta, smudge tools; on white paper, in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of a woman's face
I did this in a delightful, fun to use app; called “Drawing Pad”.

As I continue to draw, and explore various media; and share some of my journey here – I hope you find my posts encouraging for your own drawing adventures.
Below are some links to some interesting sites, about drawing.

The Campaign for Drawing

On the above site, in the menu there is a link to the another site called The Big Draw. Here is a link to one of it’s pages; on which is a great video called “The Importance of Drawing” well worth watching.

“Learning by Drawing”. An article on a site called Australiasian Science.

Whether on iPad, android tablet…or paper – have fun drawing! 🙂

Mixed Media Drawing in the “Art Set Pro” app

Pink bowl

Pink bowlsThis is a bit of a play around drawing in the “Art Set Pro” app. The bottom two drawings, show some of my drawing processes: leading from left to right, to the finished larger one above.

I used: oil pastels, crayon, thin paint washes and smudge tools; on a green toned paper. This app has quite a few different coloured and textured surfaces to choose from. *I use my finger, rather than a stylus.

Like most artists, I find the best way to learn about the properties of different media, is to do lots of experimental sketches and drawings – whether it’s in an art app, on paper or on canvas. 🙂

Pears Painted on My iPad – Haiku, Haiga, Word Play…

Three pears
This was painted in “Art Set Pro”. I used the smudge tools a fair bit; wanted the pears to look very smooth. I wrote the words in an app called “Phonto”.

In a previous post I mention, the wonderful colours and shapes, fruit and vegetables offer, as subject matter for a painting or drawing. One of the most popular, I think, is the humble pear. Such a simple form, yet it often takes centre stage in an art work.

I’ve certainly drawn many pears over the years.  I wonder why they are so appealing. Maybe their form suggests aspects of femininity or perhaps fertility. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular! Somewhere, I have a linocut print I did of me, very pregnant; I called it “Ripe”. I think round ripe fruit; pears in particular can be reminiscent of that lovely state..Well enough of all that – I reckon I just like drawing pears 🙂

I hesitate to call this following collection, haiku or haiga except for this first one, above. Really they are just word play, ideas…intended to weave together with the image to make a completed artwork. Not happy with all of them. However, I thought you may find it interesting to see some of the art processes possible with these apps, and also hope you find a few of the word plays a little amusing. *After I’d put together the two lots of collected drawings, below, using the “Pic Collage” app, I realized they may be a bit small to read. Sorry about that. However, for my blog, I use a responsive WordPress theme, so you can enlarge the pictures easily on small touch screens.

There’s more about the various language devices I use further along, but firstly a “Pear Parade”. Hmm, sounds like a good title for a book.

Four pear pictures
The top left one was begun in charcoal in “Art Set Pro” (which is the bigger drawing, below; third one up from the bottom). Then also in the “Art Set Pro” app, I added  ink pen and graphite pencil. The bottom right picture, is drawn in the “Zen Brush” app.
More pear pictures
This “Zen Brush” brush drawing worked well as a tonal underdrawing for the colour washes I placed on top. I wrote the words over and around the pear in “TypeDrawing”, not in “Phonto” as I say above. A very handy app for this type of work.
Pears in a bowl
Used charcoal and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.  For the text, used the “TypeDrawing” app.
Pared pears
A painting in “Art Set Pro”, that at first, didn’t turn out, very well. However, I cropped it severely to get a better composition and refocused on the lights and darks and managed to rescue it, but only just! Text written in the “TypeDrawing” app.
Perfect company pears
I did this in “Art Set Pro” app, using the paint thickly and trying to keep it nice and loose! Used the smudge tools, as well.

I share a bit more about the apps I’ve mentioned, on my page, “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.

Poetic devices

The poetic device, “personification” is the dominant feature in this collection: a fun way to play around with words and ideas, by giving human thoughts and feelings to an inanimate object – in this case a piece of fruit! I see it as cartooning with words. I use this technique quite often in my haiku and other poems I write. However, I usually do the accompanying illustrations in a realistic manner, rather than as a cartoon drawing.

When you personify something whether in words or pictures, it can allow you to touch on more serious human conditions and concerns, and give them voice – in a playful way. This can give the writer or the reader a chance to smile about it, even if it’s just momentarily – which surely is a good thing!

Other poetic devices I’ve used in these word plays are assonance: the repetition of middle word sounds and alliteration: the repetition of beginning word sounds. Also a bit of rhyme.

Poetry can be a great way to encourage kids and adults to write; and to learn about homonyms: (or to spell it out, excuse the pun) words that have different meanings, but the same or similar spelling and sounds. When I wrote the pear sounding words, I was tempted to spell them incorrectly, for fun, but I couldn’t pear, I mean bare it.

If you think of any other word plays about pears…or some other fruit or inanimate object, feel free to share them in the comments… I won’t pinch them to put with a picture; pe(a)rish the thought!
Have a great day!