A Face Painted on My iPad, with Some Pics of the Processes

Face painting 1
This is the finished painting. Used: paint, oil pastel, and smudge tools on a brown paper surface in the “Art Set Pro” app.

*There are progress pics, further along. I draw with my finger on the screen, rather than a stylus.

Since childhood I’ve been drawing “faces”; often from memory and imagination. This is another one of them. In my post called “About Drawing Faces”, there is more about these “faces” and a fine pencil portrait I did of one of my sons.

I’ve drawn many portraits from either a sitting, or at the least from a photo.

Certainly, when first learning to draw anything; drawing from keen observation  of your subject matter should be a constant practice and discipline. One to be returned to regularly!

I wing it a bit with these “faces”. I take a bit of poetic licence and hope my many years of drawing practice help to create a face that successfully carries the: mood, idea, feeling…I want to communicate. Sometimes they work out…and I share them here, and of course sometimes they don’t.

Some process paintings which lead to the above finished work.

*Just touch on a pic to enlarge them all.

I’d like to do some portraits again soon…it’s been a while; and some practice in this area can only help my more whimsical works!

There is a drawing guide at Craftsy on some general proportions to consider when drawing a face.

Since I began blogging earlier this year I’ve come across many wonderful artists and writers – below are links to a few of them. All highly skilled and talented artists who paint and draw amazing portraits; some draw other subject matter as well.

Heather Dawn Fine Art 

Rebecca at Stuff and Nonsense

Carol Lois Haywood at Silicon Valley Types

Hope you have a lovely creative day!