Flowers 1.X

Red FlowersAvailable here. Drawn (freehand) with: pencil, ink bleed, turpentine, and gesinski ink in the Procreate app. More flowers for my flower series.

As much as I love working in watercolours and other traditional media, I continue to enjoy my visits back to drawing freehand on the iPad.

The art app media I use prints up well on my inkjet printer. I use fade resistant inks. The colours look fresh, and the line work is crisp. I can now, after much play and practice, achieve a similar look with my “reproductive” prints.

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Pencil Lines, Watercolour Washes, and Mixed Media Works

Watercolour and art app media drawing
Not quite finished. This began as a small quick pencil sketch, with a touch of watercolour, on a piece of paper. I then took it into Procreate, and dabbed in some more colour. I may print it onto an A4 watercolour paper, and finish there. I’ve also printed smaller versions, to try out some watercolour/gouache ideas.

A few recent works below, with some information on the captions. Watercolour and pencil have long been favourite media to work in. And when our boys were little – now four young men – quick pencil lines and washes of watercolour were a handy option. They would often join in as well. The operative word here is “quick”! That’s how it had to be, to fit doses of art in my day. Actually, I think it helped me to loosen up over time, as there was no time to get too particular.

In the past few years of experimenting with drawing on the iPad, I’ve found a few art apps with watercolour media which look pleasingly natural: UBrush Pro app, an example here; the ArtRage app, as seen in this post; and the Sketches app, the third image along in the small gallery here. Although Procreate, and Art Set Pro, are still two of my favourite art apps, I don’t think their watercolours are as naturalistic.

I’ll be participating in July the #WorldWaterColourMonth challenge. It’ll certainly be a challenge; I may not be able to get a watercolour painted every day – though I usually draw or paint something everyday. It’ll be fun trying; and a helpful discipline. I’ll share them here regularly, and from here to my Facebook page…and some on the WorldWaterColour group Facebook page.

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Watercolour Still Life
Graphite pencil with watercolour washes. I really enjoy a strong linear scaffold for some watercolours.
Pencil drawing with art app media
Drawn firstly with black watersoluble pencil, then added colour (freehand) with the artist crayon in Procreate.
A collection of artwork
A few more watercolours displayed in a grid from the Pic Collage app, to show parts that I liked the most. In the tree picture I also used watersouble crayon and gouache. I did the pic of our dog (we have two Jack Russels) in black watercolour pencil, and added a touch of brown wash. A colour version below.
Drawing of a dog
This is in the collection above. I took it into Procreate and drew in some colour with the artist crayon.
Drawing of a woman
I drew this using media in the Procreate app.

A Monoprint – with Watercolour, and Art App Media

Mother and baby drawing
Monoprint, Watercolour and Art App media. Available here.

I’ve shared about this monoprint in a previous post. This version above has a watercolour wash added to the monoprint, and a little art app media applied in the Procreate app. I’ve printed it onto Canson 220gsm drawing paper, with archival inks, on my inkjet printer. I’ve placed it into my little art shop, I opened on my “Shop” page today. It’s now available as an “open” edition print. I like that I can turn my “monoprints” into “plurals”! 

I sell my art locally, and I’m pleased the “Simple Payment Buttons” that I’ve mentioned here, allow me now to have some of my art prints, (and eventually some watercolours) available on my site. It was fun to set up!

Enjoy you weekend!

Two Works in Progress – Watercolour, Pencil, Art App Media

Gum leaves in a jar

Gum leaves are a favourite subject of mine; their sweeping curves are a joy to capture in a dance of pencil lines. These had  their beautiful bonnet shaped flowers on show. I picked them while I was out walking with our dogs. I also collected some with gum nuts, which I’ve drawn in graphite pencil – it’s in the little gallery below.

This one above is a print from a tiny watercolour I did. It has a touch of colour dabbed on it in the Procreate app. I’m in the process of applying more watercolour, and a bit of oil pastel to the print; as well as using some water-soluble pencils – I often get the colour from these pencils by wiping a wet brush across the tips of them. I’ll also finish my original watercolour .

The Canson 220gsm drawing paper is proving to be excellent to print on, and takes light water washes well. The Epson printer inks I use don’t run. I also print on some lovely watercolour papers…

I’m working on a few miniature watercolours, (among other things) which I’ll also scan and print – and perhaps rework… Plan to share them soon. I hope to open my little art shop this week; I make mention of it here. Thanks for stopping by! *To enlarge the images below, please tap on a pic. More info on the captions. 

Flowers 1.W – Pencil and Art App Media

Flower Painting

Began with graphite pencil on paper, then scanned the drawing into the iPad. 

I then brought it into the “Procreate” app where I drew in some colour (freehand) with the burnt tree and 4B charcoal, and darkened some of the line work with the ink bleed pen. 

*I post here usually every two to 3 weeks; more often when time permits – as per this past week. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!