A Face Painted on My iPad, with Some Pics of the Processes

Face painting 1
This is the finished painting. Used: paint, oil pastel, and smudge tools on a brown paper surface in the “Art Set Pro” app.

*There are progress pics, further along. I draw with my finger on the screen, rather than a stylus.

Since childhood I’ve been drawing “faces”; often from memory and imagination. This is another one of them. In my post called “About Drawing Faces”, there is more about these “faces” and a fine pencil portrait I did of one of my sons.

I’ve drawn many portraits from either a sitting, or at the least from a photo.

Certainly, when first learning to draw anything; drawing from keen observation  of your subject matter should be a constant practice and discipline. One to be returned to regularly!

I wing it a bit with these “faces”. I take a bit of poetic licence and hope my many years of drawing practice help to create a face that successfully carries the: mood, idea, feeling…I want to communicate. Sometimes they work out…and I share them here, and of course sometimes they don’t.

Some process paintings which lead to the above finished work.

*Just touch on a pic to enlarge them all.

I’d like to do some portraits again soon…it’s been a while; and some practice in this area can only help my more whimsical works!

There is a drawing guide at Craftsy on some general proportions to consider when drawing a face.

Since I began blogging earlier this year I’ve come across many wonderful artists and writers – below are links to a few of them. All highly skilled and talented artists who paint and draw amazing portraits; some draw other subject matter as well.

Heather Dawn Fine Art 

Rebecca at Stuff and Nonsense

Carol Lois Haywood at Silicon Valley Types

Hope you have a lovely creative day!

Two Artworks on Canvas, One on my iPad – with Themes that Warm My Heart.

Mother and Baby 1
Used watercolours mixed with a acrylic gel medium. I placed the colours down in thin layers.I worked from a photo of me and my fourth son. I was happy, though here I look tired..an understatement! Hmm, should have added more contour shading. Size: about 40cm x cm

I did these two “Mother and Baby” paintings about fifteen or so years ago. They show an idealised version of motherhood; yet true in essence – at least for me – of the very special moments with a new baby. The quiet loving moments – those moments in between the sheer hard work of being a mum! Though, of course, you still love them and think it’s all special, even when they are teething and unsettled!

As these paintings were larger than I usually work in ( which is usually A4 size and under)  and I didn’t have a studio, I painted them in the kitchen. Of course, it had to be late at night when the kids were asleep!

The table in the kitchen came in quite handy, as I could lay the canvases flat; which suited the method I was using to paint them.

*There’s more information about the artworks written underneath them.

I couldn’t really splash acrylics or oil paints around in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house; so I often used various mixed media (which I love): soluble pencils and oil pastels…and so on;  to do a work on canvas (or paper).  

If you want to: paint, draw or write, sometimes, you just have to invent the time, space, means, media.. for it! These days, for me;  my iPad has helped enormously in all these areas.

I do now have, “a room of my (or one’s) own” (hmm, that’s a familiar book title) :), but prefer to just work on a small portable table I have. I rest it on my lap, or the side of the arm chair and my iPad fits on there;  very nicely. Actually, I’m using the table now as I put together this post, and I’m typing on the lovely logitech keyboard that is attached to my iPad.

Mother and Baby 2
As in the above painting I used thin layers of watercolour mixed with an acrylic gel medium. I worked from an photo (not sure by whom! It was in an add I think) I found in a magazine. Size of canvas about 35cm x45cm.

During the first year, after our first son was born, I hardly picked up a pencil and paper. I think the lack of sleep, the unearthly tiredness; and along with this – the complete joy of being a mother was all initially quite overwhelming.

All my senses were soaked…and everything else!

Not much time for the pencil renderings of everyday scenes – my usual subject matter  or..of flowers, fruit or faces or anything! Instead my hands were used for mopping up messes; plunged into soapy water; or manoeuvring cups of tea (going cold) to my lips, very carefully – as I always seemed to have a baby in my arms and always breastfeeding..

And this is just how I wanted it to be. I was overwhelmed, exhausted; yet extremely happy. Things change, our four boys are young men now, but the love never changes.

In the Lord's arms
Psalm 57:1 …,for my soul takes refuge in you. (WEB)

I did this drawing above in the “Art Set Pro” app. It’s of me (“sort” of looks like a younger me) leaning on the Lord; resting in His love…which: because of my conversion, by my faith in Jesus Christ – beginning on a special day; in an incredible moment in my early twenties…I have the life that I wouldn’t have had.

I was heading in a terrible direction and then God turned me around, and well, that is a whole other story. One I’ve written about and partially illustrated and hope to along with all my other numerous projects get around to completing and turning into a small book! One day – God willing!

I did continue to write and draw – very quickly – when the kids were young. Now I’m trying to collate it all; polish some poems up a bit more and illustrate them. I share a bit more about these things in my “About” page .

In some ways this is lovely, as I get to reread these poems and draw about some of the happiest days of my life..thus far!

In other ways it can be difficult as there’s so many other new arty projects to jump into and explore. Though these themes continue to weave through my art and words. Yet I really do want to get these older works polished up properly. Not a dilemma really, just a challenge and lots of fun.

Hope you are enjoying some creative projects of your own and if you are a mum (or “mom” to some) 🙂 that’s one big delightful project in itself. Have fun!