Illustrated Haiku – Haiga, Process Pics, and Links to Blog/Book Publishing Sites

Drawing of Pears
This is the finished version. Tried a few things before I decided this was alright. The words are clearer on the larger pixel size work.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the screen, rather than use a stylus.

This drawing began as a quick sketch using a black “inktense” pencil. With a wet brush, I swished over it – turning it into lovely inky wash. There’s a photo here, of a tiny print version of this drawing; taken from a larger photo of some of my other prints, which I shared in a recent post.

*Pics of the processes are further along.

Looking forward to getting a set of 24 “Inktense” pencils for Christmas. 🙂

Photo of pear print
A print of my pencil drawing.

Since then, I’ve added colour to the scanned in drawing in the “Art Set Pro” app. Then I took it into the “TypeDrawing” app and added my haiku – making it into a ”haiga” or in other words, an illustrated haiku. I also put a grey border on it in the “Pic Collage” app.

Colour drawing of pears and a haiku
This is one I did along the way; wasn’t quite happy with it.

I used “alliteration” in this haiku; one of my favourite poetic devices…though it can be easily overused!

I continue my interest in “pears” as a subject matter, and word play. Here’s a link to a post from earlier this year, on these areas and also my post called “About Haiku and Tips on Writing Them”.

Since, during and before – my more formal years of art and english studies; I’ve filled numerous sketch books with my art, scribbly notes and various writings. I find blogging is another great way to keep a record of my art and words.

*Tap on a pic to enlarge them all.

An added benefit, is I can offer some information and ideas, which I hope to be helpful, for your own art and writing journey. Creating posts certainly gives me more incentive to organise my: processes, ideas and finished works, into polished and presentable formats.

One day I hope to publish some of my blog into a book – what fun!

Below are a few links to sites (out of many) that seem quite good, and can help you turn your blog into a book. I’m still keen to use the wonderful “Book Creator” app, for some of my hand made books – given time. 🙂


The Write Life – for blog and book self publishing.

FastPencil – which can help you publish your blog into a book, but is primarily about helping you self publish your manuscripts…

Have a great day!

Watercolour on Paper: a Haiku – Haiga, from My “Poems from Home” Collection

Saucepan haiku

There’s a lot of chattering of pots and pans, every time I go to my saucepan drawers. Sometimes it’s like all out war!

I grab for a saucepan lid, and it’s slid way up the back…I reach to get it and I’m – attacked by a metal grater, snapped at by saucepan handles and held back by the corner of another lid, jammed in by the drawer beneath it – like a joint effort, to not let me in! By stealth and determination – most of the time I win. 🙂

Often they make, the trek to the back recesses, to find just the right saucepan and lid, quite easy. One day I plan to get more of these. Please! No more kneeling on the floor, trying to reach into a far corner of a low cupboard – I want to save my knees.

There’s hardly been a dull moment in my kitchen. Just as well; as this is where, as a mum (or “mom”) of four boys (now young men) I’ve spent many, many hours..and in the laundry.

I still make well worn paths around my kitchen and to the washing machine…and what a blessing it is, to have the privilege of a home and family.

Hope you enjoy my haiku and haiga and my post which, especially with the splash and play of “rhyme” and “personification”, seems to have almost turned into a poem!

Have a great day!