A Video – Sketching on my iPad

Sketches on an iPad

I’ve mentioned about placing a video here of me (at least of my finger) drawing and painting on the iPad. Finally, I’ve (ok, my hand) has made it to the big, or rather the small screen.

You may have seen videos of artists, swishing about with their media, with great mood music playing in the background, wonderful camera angles and lighting – well, this isn’t one of them. *The video is a little further along.

There was the sound of tip tapping of dog paws  – our two cute Jack Russels – across the dining room floor; and me telling them to shoosh. As well, a few whisperings between my youngest son – the camera man – and I.

I managed to edit out the sound, and even put some captions on the video. However, by the time I’d figured out how to do this, I’d lost all momentum to figure out how to add music…

Importantly, you can see the iPad screen clearly, and me drawing, “albeit”  (such, a lovely old fashioned expression) just a bit of sketching – certainly not a masterpiece. 😉 It may not be as arty looking as seeing someone flourishing a brush, yet, the process feels surprisingly – given the somewhat oddity of it all – similar, and for me, just as rewarding. I’m using the lovely natural looking media, in the app “Art Set Pro”, which has a particularly visually appealing user panel.

I’ll continue to share on occaisions, the easier video option, where you can see my drawing unfolding – recorded from within an art app. But, I think my finger’s moment of fame is to be short lived.  No time for these shenanigans, there’s: dinner to cook, dogs to walk, family to chat with…

Nevertheless, I hope this little video, is helpful in giving you some further insights into iPad art.

I sometimes mix my iPad art and traditional art together, in the same drawing/painting. You can see some examples of this in a recent post.

Thank you for your time in reading this; and viewing my video.

Flowers 1A, Painted in the Procreate App

Pink flower painting
I began with a loose black oil pastel line, as I added paint, and worked in the oil pastel, it became a tighter than I like. Had to crop it to improve the composition; hmm, that’s a lot of pink…no more dabbling, on with the next one.

I’m using my photos, and my garden for visual info. Some I plan to do will be more whimsy, than exact likeness. The beautiful colours, shapes and patterns in flowers (and foliage); aways a wonderful subject matter! *Painted with my finger, on the iPad. 

Trying out a Facebook Embed, from My Facebook Page

*Just checked this post in my WordPress app reader, and the online reader, and the facebook embed pic does not show there…a nuisance! It does show on my site, thankfully. Perhaps I wont be using this option much at all, at least not as a header pic!  However, this post still mostly make sense without it. 🙂 Oh well, to see the facebook embed pic, requires a visit to my blog. Hmm, always something to learn. 

Within the ever helpful WordPress tutorials, I happened upon a way to embed my facebook posts. I do have a facebook widget, and I do use “publicise” to send my posts from here, to there. However, I didn’t realise, I could imbed a post from there to here; and at such a good pixel size. Like this idea!

In a previous post, I shared about a grand plan to publish more (short) posts on facebook: because it was quicker – wanting to save time, as always! – and (supposedly) to reach a wider, audience….and then rounding them up here for a longer post, occasionally…and so on…and on..

That hasn’t worked as I thought it would; not a time-saver as I’d hoped. Also, with facebooks new algorithms, it seems unless I pay for my page to be promoted – which isn’t about to happen! – facebook severely limits the distribution of my posts. I’ll persevere with facebook – for now… Instagram seems a good place to share art, but it’s now owned by facebook, don’t know if I’ll bother with it.

Thought you may find this of interest (though you may well know these, somewhat trivialities), whether my audience of is of one, two or many, doesn’t really matter too much – though it matters a little, else, I wouldn’t bother to blog at all! And to sell some of my art does require an audience of sorts; though I’m not good with the marketing side of things.

As for this facebook embed option, I’ll use it sometimes, when time alludes me…just have to paste the url in here, add a title, and tags…and away it goes.. Just have to remember to turn off “publicise”, when I publish it here. *As per my above intro…may not use it, much at all, at least not as a feature pic.

I do like mucking about with, links, widgets and such like… Learnt a lot more about these wondrous things, when I managed recently to put on a new static front page/door to my site. I enjoy occasionally updating my site’s gallery entrance, rearranging the furniture, sweeping the porch, putting out fresh flowers….There’s lots of links there, (pretty rosy pink ones, which come with this WordPress theme) to make my site easy to travel around. *The link on my facebook imbed, goes to my front door.

Along with all the iPad art I do, I built and, continue to put together (play) 🙂 with my blog on my iPad. 

I’ve rarely used desktop, or laptop computers. Not a vital item, when tackling the washing machine, and other domestic duties.

Way back, during my study days: a pen and paper were my constant companions, with my electric typewriter – loved that quick erase button – being the height of my techno tools!

Thank you, for making it to here, through all my digressions.
Lastly, but most importantly, thankful to God, in all things…..

Beach Holiday – iPad Paintings, and Sketches on Canvas

*I draw and paint on the iPad screen, with my finger, rather than use a stylus.

Just back from a holiday, up the coast of N.S.W – a lovely time with family and friends. Here’s a few of the sea scenes I painted on my my iPad and some sketches.

Seascape with bird painting
I used paint, smudge tools and a touch of white conte crayon on the waves and on the grass, in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Seascape painting
A little bit of abstraction. Liked the loose wash look of this one.
Seacape painting
Paint and oil pastel in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Seascape painting.
Another wash of thinned paint in “Art Set Pro” app. Like the simple design.
Seascape painting
Used paint and oil pastel in the “Art Set Pro” app.

The “Scanner Pro app” is great for bringing in my works on paper or canvas into my iPad.

It picks up detail far better than a photo and you can adjust the light and darks of the image, before saving it to the iPhoto section of the iPad. You can see a comparison, in the two pics below; and following is the final drawing, after adding more media in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Drawing of a fern
Used a black “Inktense” pencil on a canvas sketch pad. This is scanned in with the “Pro Scanner app”.
Photo of fern drawing
A photo of the drawing in my canvas sketch pad.
Fern drawing
Painted this scanned in drawing in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Pear drawing
This is a scanned in oil pastel drawing from my canvas sketch book.
Pear drawing
Enjoyed using the smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app, on this scanned in drawing.

I do like the smudgy look of this drawing, but not that pleased with the overall composition.

All the best for your own art adventures.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sharing A Bit More of My Art, Before My Blogging Break

Drawing of a plant
I drew this using conte pastel, colour pencil and smudge tools over a lovely tan surface, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

* I draw and paint on the screen, using my finger, rather than use a stylus.

These are some of my recent works I drew and painted on my iPad and haven’t got around to sharing here yet.

I’ve ran out of time to make a video of me, or at least my finger, drawing and painting on the screen, this year. Hope to share some of them here next year! Among these pics are the  “face” drawings and paintings I often enjoy doing.

I’ll send through my Christmas post in a couple of hours. Nearly Christmas day – still a bit to do! 🙂

Still life drawing

Drawing of a woman
Another drawing from my preinstalled note app on my iPad air 2.
A sketch of a mug
Love this simple, fun app called “Drawing Pad”. A fun naturalistic drawer to pull out and choose media from – and the media is great!
A sketch of a woman
Another quick sketch in the “Drawing Pad” app.
Plant painting
Charcoal and paint in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Painting of a women's face
I began this in “Art Rage” and to smooth it over I used a smudge tool in the “Art Set Pro” app. Pity there doesn’t seem to be these tools in “Art Rage”, yet it is still an excellent art app.

Just touch on a pic below to enlarge them all.

Painting of Lemons
Playing about using the conte crayons and sponge in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of a woman's face
Started off with a mess of lines as you can see in the hair area…playing about in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Painting of a women's face
A quick try out of the art app “Procreate”, which I’m getting to like more and more each time I use!
Drawing of a woman's face
Swishing around oil pastel, paint and the smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.