Making ebooks on an iPad in “Book Creator”

I was so excited when I found the “Book Creator” app and also “Scanner Pro”. This meant I could easily scan in my pages from my handmade books and turn them into ebooks; with the option of also creating a hard copy book from this app.

There’s more about these areas,  on my page, “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”. I made the slideshow below;   with some pages from my handmade book “Mother as Writer”. I wanted to give you an idea of how easy it is to get your words and pictures onto pages in a book,  in “Book Creator”.

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This book is a long narrative poem, which turned into an illustrated book; which often happens to my poems. At the least, my poems are dressed up with a drawing – they help each other out…a sort of a synergy.

I wrote the “Mother as Writer” poem very quickly. I was in the middle of, I think, cleaning one of  boy’s bedrooms, who were still quite young then. I remember, thinking about how on earth was I ever going to get time to do any of my arty projects.

I’d just read about a woman, who was a writer and spoke about walks on the beach, and having coffees as she pondered her next piece of writing. That was just soooo – far removed from my own writing life; it kind of triggered a response poem! I thought, well – this is how I write and off I went. I dashed down some lines: did some more cleaning, dashed down more sentences, kept on working, scribbled down more lines and so on – this being the usual way that I had to write (and draw).

Poem and picture
Part of the back cover of my “Mother as Writer” book; (paper isn’t this yellow) could well have been titled”…as Artist”..

It flowed surprisingly well from the very first draft; which is not often the case. As I reread it, I was encouraged to see, that for a busy mother (is there any other!) I didn’t do too badly. I did actually get some writing and drawing done.

So I polished it up (redrafting is always so neccessary); drew the illustrations, photocopied, stapled it up and sold the books locally. I wanted my book to encourage other mums – and myself! – that arty or other projects; can get done, between housework and bringing up a family.

It just takes time (a lot longer than usual), and perseverance – one of my favourite words. For me, it was certainly worth weaving my art and words throughout my day, in this way; as I loved being at home with the kids – always inspirational. My art and words are very much about my life.

The feedback from people (glad it sold well), suggested it was an encouraging read. I still work around family life (I’m sure many of you do too), but have a little more time to work on my many projects. Hope to get this one available to a wider audience very soon.

Meanwhile, I hope this post and my blog in general, is an encouragement to you, whether a mother or not;  to pick up a pencil, pen or iPad and in your busy day, dash down some words or a sketch or two, or maybe more…

Delightful “feel” when drawing in these art apps

I drew this in the “Sketch Block” app, using the pencil and watercolour.

An excellent feature of this app, is you can replay your drawing process and if you wish make a recording of it and send a copy to the “iPhoto” section of your iPad. Then, as you see above you can share the video with others.

Love –  the lush pencil and the look of the paper and how whooshy the watercolour is in this app. As with all  the apps I draw and paint in, the media in this one, has a distinct rich “feel”.

Whether I use my finger or a stylus (though I rarely use a stylus) there’s still a luxurious “feel” – difficult to find the right descriptive word. Due, I think, to seeing the amazing mark making properties of the various media as you draw and paint.

 It can be an unexpected experience; and come as a surprise when you first start to draw on the glass screen. It certainly adds another pleasurable aspect to doing my art in this way. And I find, I become just as engrossed in the drawing and painting processes on my iPad, as I do when working on paper or canvas: even though I’m working with pixels, it matters not at all.

Face 14
I drew this using oil pastel, charcoal and the smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app. I used a brown textured paper. This app has quite a few different paper surfaces and colours to choose from.

More of my thoughts on drawing and painting on my iPad on a previous post and on my page “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.

Interested to know your thoughts (or experiences) on iPad art


Drew it on my iPad; I drew it – not the app!

Since I began drawing and painting on my iPad, many people have misunderstood, what I’m doing.

Firstly, to put my small murmuring in context: I know it’s a blessing and a privilege to have access to these new technologies. For which I’m thankful.

A Hand
I used oil pastel and charcoal in the “Art Set Pro” app.

For me, (and a growing number of artists) it’s simply, more great media and tools to do what I love to do: draw and paint (and write). Famous artist, David Hockney does amazing work on his iPad, and Andy Maitland is an artist who works exclusively on his iPad – love his work.

Woman with baby on her knee.
A page from my handmade “Mother as Writer” book. After scanning in my line drawings I added some watercolour wash in an app called “Tayasui Sketches”.

I’ve been surprised by some peoples’ reactions. 

1/ The assumption that I use some kind of techno tricks to create the image..and yes, running my finger around a glass screen is a different, techno way to do art; however, it still requires my usual art skills and years of training and at least a little of that illusive thing called talent – which still means lots of practice..and so on.

2/ Someone once once remarked..“the work on my iPad and my iPad art prints look just like my “real” work”?!..or something to that effect!

3/ Just generally an “Oh!” expression of surprise and approval – when I explain the “what” and “hows” of my iPad art, (especially if they give it a quick try themselves): where beforehand they were rather dismissive and negative.

I’ve seen great artworks created using various photoshop techniques; but I don’t use them. If I ever try some, I’ll certainly make that clear. I’m also impressed with a lot of digital art, created by artists who cleverly incorporate computer skills with their drawing and painting ability. But that’s quite unlike anything I do on my iPad, and certainly beyond my technological skills.

I love the: paper, canvas,  pencils, brushes, pens, paint…, these easy to use art apps supply – and continuously supply very cheaply: most art apps are well under ten dollars. Wonderful!

Love how vivid the colours and tones are on the screen, and my drawings and paintings print up really well.

One of my aims for my blog, and my Facebook page site, is to help unfold a picture (no pun intended) of the broad potental of their mark making properties.

On my page “About Some Art Apps, Other Apps and My Books”, I give an overview of art apps I most enjoy to sketch and splash about in.

That feels better..hope to be informative and ok, just a little bit of a whinge.

Welcome your views, thanks for stopping by.

Pink flowers in a pot
I used watercolour and coloured pencil in the “Bamboo Paper “app.

Writing and drawing about everyday life

Just touch on a picture to view the gallery carousel.

These everyday scenes I think are quite worthy of recording – both in words and pictures. I did the haiku in watercolour and pencil. To the scanned in line Illustrations from my book “Mother as Writer” I’ve added some soft watercolour in the “Tayasui Sketches” app.

My haiku book is called, “Poems from Home: a Collection of Illustrated Haiku”. Everyday objects; quite important things, feature in this collection: tossed cushions, clattering saucepans, clothes pegs…are among the many household things that fill it’s pages. Too many to staple and bind together into a handmade book – so I’ve just placed photocopied versions of them into plastic pocket display books.

So many ideas, poems, drawings, sift through; collected in small pockets of time, while raising a family.

Daily immersed in housework and feeding hungry boys, I’d jot down: lines sentences, words ideas… perhaps a quick pencil sketch here and there. I sometimes, still have to write and draw this way!

Usually, at the end of the day, if not completely exhausted, I’d look over this collection: cross out things, put arrows every where, and circle around – words, ideas…look over a drawing..and from that mix I’d sometimes create a small poem or pic.

A haiku is often an ideal form to catch the essence of what you want to say, from a pottpouri of random sentences. I write more on haiku and ways to write them here

I use a great app called “Book Creator” to reformat my handmade books, into ebooks; although enjoyable it’s  rather a long process. There’s more about this app and a little about my books, on my page “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”

I have many rough drafts of poems and sketches, I want to polish up and finish. The trouble, is I continue to have lots of ideas, (not a trouble really, as it’s great to have lots of ideas!) and not as much time as I thought I’d have by now to complete my arty projects. Not to worry, by prayer and perseverance I’ll get there.

Meanwhile I spy some dishes doing a tango near the sink – I will open the “Zen Brush” app and then parade them in ink.

Dishes on the sink
That was fun, love the “Zen Brush app”.