A Monoprint – with Watercolour, and Art App Media

Mother and baby drawing Monoprint, Watercolour and Art App media. Available as an art print here.

I’ve shared about this monoprint in a previous post. This version above has a watercolour wash added to the monoprint, and a little art app media applied in the Procreate app. I’ve printed it onto Canson 220gsm drawing paper, with archival inks, on my inkjet printer. I’ve placed it into my little art shop, I opened on my “Shop” page today. It’s now available as an “open” edition A5 art print. I like that I can turn my “monoprints” into “plurals”! 

I sell my art locally, and I’m pleased the “Simple Payment Buttons” that I’ve mentioned here, allow me now to have some of my art available on my site. It was fun to set up!

Enjoy you weekend!

A Mix of Art Media – Some Recent Works

Mother and Baby paintingI often like to draw or paint a “Mother and Baby” image. Being a mum brings me so much joy, and also: hard work, tiredness, and sometimes heart ache. And though we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, here in Australia; I think mothers are worth special attention everyday!

I began this artwork above with a quick pencil sketch, then took it into Procreate – a particularly suitable app title 🙂 – where I dabbed in (freehand) some colour, printed it, added some watercolour on the print, then scanned it in again, and added more work in the app…this is the one you see here. I’ll print it as cards, as an A4 print, and also finish it as a (very!) mixed media artwork. 

It can become quite wordy trying to share all the processes, and may sound complicated, but really it’s not. It just involves a lot of play, so it’s certainly good fun! 

Pear and flower drawing
I really enjoyed using all these bright colours in the “Procreate” app. It inspires me to try more of this colour boldness in my watercolours…as per the next pic. Available as an art print here.

My website/blog continues to be a helpful online journal for myself, and hopefully for you also.

In the works below, I’ve included some media info on the captions. *To enlarge them all, please tap on an image.

Thankful †

Watercolour Miniatures – and Some Larger Prints

A Watercolour on Fabriano 300gsm %100 cold pressed, cotton paper. It’s about 2 .5 inches by 3.5 inches (6cm x 9cm) in size… I often enjoy working within a small format. This is the size of ACEO art cards; popular with some artists.

I scanned it into the iPad with the “Scanner Pro” app. Then printed it onto an A4 sheet of Canson 220 drawing paper. This is not an inkjet paper, so I had to saturate the colour a little in the iPad’s Photo app. In this way I could get quite a close equivalent to the colours of the original work. I liked how the blue was a bit more vivid on the print, and have since gone back to the watercolour and splashed on a bit more blue paint. As is usual one informs the other.

A watercolour and print
I’m in the process of adding a little more watercolour to the print…hmm, may add some leaves to the plant on both pics. This paper will handle a bit of water quite well; the excellent Epson pigment ink will not run at all. I talk about these areas on my page “Printing iPad Art”.
Prints and watercolour
The prints on either side of the watercolour are on A5 size recycled cream card. I haven’t quite finished with them yet; and will add more watercolour and some coloured pencil to the prints and the original watercolour. I changed the facial expression slightly within the Procreate app, and will change this also on the original watercolour.

The original watercolour and coloured pencil work in the middle above is a little over 2” x 4” (5.2cm x 10.2cm) in size. I drew both my little artworks from memory and imagination. Below are some more of the images of it, as I worked on it further on the iPad, in “Procreate”. There’s some info on the captions.

As I’m used to working small, I think this is one of the reasons I find drawing – with my finger – on an iPad, quite a comfortably sized working space. And it’s handy you can expand the screen, to get closer for detailed work. I began with a mini, and then had a iPad Air 2, both excellent iPads. However, as I do all my online work, and lots of art on an iPad, not on a computer, I decided to update to a 10.5 iPad Pro.   *To enlarge them all, please tap on a pic.

Thank you for stopping by; enjoy the Easter break. 🙂

“For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15:3-4‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Mother and Baby 1.A and Quick Video

Mother and Baby painting

I often draw and paint images of a mother and baby; as a mum of four boys (young men now) it’s probably not surprising. I do so many of them I’ve decided to begin giving each a number and letter as a title; which I also do now with my flower artworks. A bit of a melancholy look on her face; think it could well be tiredness!

I painted this with gouache, on acrylic painting paper. After I scanned it in with the Scanner Pro app, I softened some of the outer edges with the artist crayon in Procreate (hmm, a suitable name in this instance); and added a touch more media in places. You can see this in the video below.

It printed up well on the Epson Archival Matte paper. I love how it shows the texture of the paper. Sort of like the edge around the pic, but may try it with out it. I’ll remove it with the eraser set on the soft airbrush in the Procreate app. Hmm, may soften the line under the right eye…difficult to know when to finish sometimes!

Mother and Baby
I took a photo of the print (centred on A4 size paper) with the iPad camera, rather than with the Scanner Pro app. This gives a softer look and closer to how the print appears – though it is a tiny bit richer in colour than this.

Sometimes a scan is brighter in colour than the work on paper or canvas, which often I quite like; and informs me of changes I may like to make to the original.

My skills with scanning are improving. This enables me to quite easily make “reproductive” prints of some of my traditional media artworks. I also continue to experiment with beginning a work on paper/canvas, completing a large part of it in an art app; and sometimes adding more traditional art media on the print…and so on… And there’s some lovely inkjet papers that I’m trying out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mother and Baby Moments – iPad Art, Works on Paper, and on Canvas

Drawing of mother and baby 2
I drew this with charcoal in the “Art Set Pro” app. *I use my finger rather than a stylus.
Drawing of mother and baby 2
I did this quite a few years ago. A mono print, with watercolour.

Over the years, I’ve drawn and painted many mother and baby images; some from photos of me with one of our four sons; others, like the faces I draw, are a mix of memory and imagination. They are usually motherhood moments of those special times, of hugs and baby smiles.

Also, being a mum – and as many mums (or moms) reading this will know – those early baby years can mean: long hours of baby crying, tantrums, tears – ( mine too, well, a teeny bit) long nights of little sleep – on call constantly. Some days, there may be not much time to eat or have a cup of tea: dishes piled high on the sink, an ever growing pile of washing…and an overwhelming tiredness…

Sketch notes
Rough sketch notes – ideas for artworks.

These motherhood moments are not often mentioned in the arts and media, which can give a rather lopsided view of things! I have elsewhere, written and drawn more, about these less than idyllic, motherhood realities.

And just when you think it’s getting a little easier; you’re thrown into the turmoil of the teenage years.

Many heart in mouth moments..lots of waiting: for the sound of a car, so you know their safely home..for a phone call to know they’ve arrived safely somewhere. Lots of prayer, and still nights with little sleep! Lots of good things too. 🙂

I wouldn’t change any of it.
Drawing of Mother and Baby 5
Waiting for baby;  a long pregnant pause….! I was always well overdue! Oil pastel on canvas,  with some glaze medium.
Drawing of mother and baby 3
I drew this about 18yrs ago, soon after my youngest was born. Had a photo reference. I think I used a oil pastel resist technique. If you read (a bit blurry) the words underneath, you can work out my age…
Drawing of mother and baby 4
This I drew this with charcoal, pencil, paint, smudge tools, in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of Mother and Baby 6
Drew this on paper with water soluble oil pastels, with a photo as a reference..this is about 19″ x 27″ ..usually, my work is an A4 size or under.

How tremendously rich and fulfilling my life has been (and still is) as a mother and wife. Quite the opposite, to the often narrow portrayals promoted in media and in general worldviews. I have a happy home, a lovely husband who is also a wonderful dad to our kids. I thank God for all of it – my motherhood journey (and all of my life) could have been very different…..

These days, there’s still plenty of hugs, and I’m the one feeling small –  all of our sons are over 6ft tall! They’ve grown into fine young gentlemen; but in someways they stay, always my babies. 🙂 Hmm, don’t know if they quite get that – yet; they will when they have babies of their own.

I’ve rarely had time (and still don’t, that’s fine; family life comes first) to exhibit or share my art and words; so it’s kind of nice to be able to do so here. Thank you for viewing all of this.

Have a great day!