“A Dance of Branches” – Painted with Art app Media.

Landscape painting

*I draw and paint, with my finger on the iPad, rather than use a stylus.

There was a frost outside this morning, and I lay cosy, warm in bed; sloshing about with paint on my iPad, in an app called “UBrush Pro”. It has a lovely “feel” to the paint – a wonderful watery effect – with an edge of unpredictability.

Qualities I enjoy with watercolour on paper – and which can, understandably, be difficult to find on an iPad!

However, this simple, little app with it’s uncluttered, easy to use panel, manages to deliver quite a satisfying watercolour experience. I’d say, a step beyond what I’ve discovered so far, in the better known art apps I use. I also really like the app’s coloured pencils – they seem so soft… Difficult to explain, the “feel” which accompanies the experience, of drawing and painting on an iPad. I gather it must be due to the power of visual perception. I don’t think I’d find iPad art so rewarding without this sensory experience.

A friend of mine, has “UBrush Pro”, and showed me it the other day. I didn’t realise I had it already; found it hidden away, on my busy looking iPad screen. She had the updated version, with the oil pastels, which work wonderfully well; and some other media. It’ll be worth the $5.99 (Aus) to update mine.

This landscape was a product of play, memory and imagination – good fun.

I’ll share some more of my works from this app soon. Have a great day!

Two Artworks Painted in the “Art Set Pro” App.

Landscape painting.
Firstly, I placed down some thin paint washes, then worked back into it with conte and smudge tools. Next I used a little bit of charcoal and a touch more paint.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Though I experiment and enjoy working with media in other art apps, “Art Set Pro”, continues to be my favourite art app.

Painting of flowers
A similar “imaginary” landscape to the other one. Added the yellow flowers, and did some smudging, but left some ¬†brush strokes blunt, rather than soften their edges. In general, a little more abstraction than I usually do.