Art, Blogging, Thank yous, and Farewells

Various artworks
A collection of various works on the go…

There’s much I’m investigating and experimenting with lately. Lots of mixed media work on paper, and little on canvas, and in between it all some work on the iPad – good fun! 

It’s wonderful to have some work on the go, and ideas percolating, awaiting a brush or pen. And so exciting when they get to meet their final…was going to say “end”, a fitting sound but not quite the right word! Really it’s a new beginning, finished pieces, ready to be displayed somewhere. 

This usually means placing them on a mantle piece, my kitchen bench, or tacking them on a wall. My illustrated poems, are sometimes placed into a hand-made book. And for the past 4 years or so, I’ve shared some of my art and words here. 

However, I’m soon to set my WordPress site to “private”, for an extended period of time…Not deleted, well I don’t think so.. I have thoughts to completely refurbish it, and make it more into an online gallery, maybe without a blog, not sure…I plan to make a hard copy of my blog, for a quirky family heirloom, which I mention in this post. Though I do sound a little unsure about this decision, I do know a long blogging break is needed.

I’d like to make more of my little books, “Thank you God” that you can see here….this is an old crinkled one, from my last batch I made. The Fabriano sketchbook at the front is only 4” x 6” like working that size.

I know, if, or when I return, these actions will have quite disrupted my “google” SEO ratings…not to worry. 

This is not an easy decision! Made with some feelings of melancholy, but the time seems right to do this. Or rather my lack of time is a large part of why I’m doing this. I don’t like to be half hearted in any thing I do. And I’ve always liked to write informative posts, (probably a bit too wordy, like this one!) along with the sharing of my art images, and illustrated poems… but don’t feel I can give due time and attention to this at the moment. I’m happy with how it went during my time blogging here. It’s been a valuable, and enriching experience in many ways…

There’s quite a few half finished poems/illustrations grumbling away in my filing cabinet (I wrote a poem about them on bottom of this post here) that I’ll be able to catch up with, and will be glad to see me. Much like my brushes and pencils when I got back to using them again, though my iPad art still gets a look in! Actually, without my iPad, and various apps – which I used to build my site – and my iPad art, this blog probably wouldn’t exist!

Various art media
Not quite finished the tiny pears, 2.5” x3.5”. Love to have some gumleaves nearby. Shouln’t leave my brushes in the water like that, but I often do!

I discovered I really enjoy playing about, and building a website/blog, and rearranging widgets and things…the translation widget was a handy addition. So it’ll be a fun time, building pages and placing my art – slowly – within a new home, though perhaps on the same site. I could make available a PDF link to my page, ”Printing iPad and Traditional Art”,  it does get a few visits. 

Many thanks for your support, to all of my fellow blogger friends here in WordPress; and to those folk elsewhere who’ve subscribed to my posts; and people in Facebook land.

A special thanks to all of you I’ve followed here at WordPress: for your kind comments, and “likes” and for your many inspirational posts – such an encouragement during this online journey! And I hope along the way, I’ve also managed to encourage you.

I’ll still be able to visit your lovely sites. If you see an Australian visitor in your “stats”, it may well be me. I’m not sure if I’ll return to using my facebook Artist page. Though I will occasionally be posting in Instagram: @janette_leeds_art (which will probably be the name of a new site at some future time). I’ve already seen WordPress bloggers in there. It’s such a busy place, but I find it easier to cope, by (usually) having the comment section turned off. There is a handy option of private messaging in Instagram, so a “hello” is always welcome in that way! 🙂


*To enlarge the pics above, please touch on one of them.

I count my blessings for all of my art opportunities. It’s certainly only with prayer, and with God’s guidance that I manage to do anything! And God willing I’ll continue on with doing lots of art and writing. So thankful†

Before I go, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and God’s Blessings to all of you. 

Well, enough said, thanks again, and rather than say goodbye, I’ll say, I hope to see you later – at some stage, and in some way…

P.S I’ll turn my blog to “private” in about a week or so.

Thanks for visiting! Kinda sad saying those words, for the final time on this blog…..nevertheless, cheerio, and all the best, Janette

Flowers and Trees – in Ink Pen and a Mix of Media

Drawing of treesInk pen, Inktense block washes, some pencil work, and gouache – on A4 Quill Kraft paper.

I’ve also printed this picture in pigment ink, with my inkjet printer, on A3 Canson 220gsm paper. And applied some coloured pencil to it.

Thoroughly enjoyed Inktober, and the opportunity to use lots of line work. Not that I need need an excuse to do that! I often use lots of lines in my work/play.

Though I draw most days, I didn’t do an ink drawing and post it everyday, as I found it quite demanding doing that when participating in the “WorldWatercolourMonth” challenge.

Below are some inky works I did this month, including one using the ink in the Zen Brush 2 app, and in the Sketches app, which also includes some of it’s paint media – glad digital ink could be included in Inktober. *To enlarge the images, and read the captions, please tap on one of them.

I’ll probably print some of these as well…and perhaps add some more media in an art app along the way, and/or traditional media to the print – and on it goes. Good fun!

Enjoy your day!

Near the Window – Ink Pen and a Mix of Media

Still lifeInk pen with Inktense block washes, watercolour and a little pencil work; on A5 watercolour paper. Border was put on in the Book Creator app. Available as an art print here.

At the last minute, I drew in a vertical black line at the back on the left; then I felt happier with the composition. Things still tilt a bit far to the right, but the folds of the curtains help bring it back around…

Thanks for visiting!

Ink pen, and a Mix of Media.

A woman’s face

Began with a quick sketch, using a black Uni pin fine line, pigment ink pen, on Mi-Teintes warm brown, 160gsm pastel paper. I prefer not to use a pencil drawing underneath. Added some colour with Inktense block washes, then added coloured pencil and graphite pencil. Softened the face a little with the smudge tool in the Procreate app, and applied a few more white highlights. This printed up well.

Also I did a black and white pigment ink print, onto 300gsm smooth cotton, Saunders Waterford, watercolour paper; and then added some Inktense colour washes, and a little graphite pencil – as seen below. Sorry about the slight blur from taking a photo of it at night. Though it does show the overall softness of it, which I was pleased to achieve.

I usually complete the original as well, and like how it becomes a sort of catylyst for further artworks.Print of a woman’s face

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