Flowers 1.Y

Flower paintingWatercolour, Inktense block colour, graphite pencil, on Strathmore 300gsm 5” x 7” watercolour paper.

For the underlying drawing I used a brush that I continually swished over a black Derwent Inktense block. I so enjoy the vivid colours of the Inktense pencils I use, that I recently purchased a set of 12 Inktense blocks, with plans to also use them in larger works.

Inktense colours are water resistant when dry, so watercolours washed over the top, don’t merge with them. Unless of course you want to use wet in wet techniques. I particular love how Inktense pencil lines move in an unpredictable ways, when washed with water.

I’ve also used Artline pens to get that whooshy look and feel that I like, when doing an ink and wash drawing (which I can’t get with micron and suchlike pens). Unfortunately the ink in an Artline pen is not fade resistant. Though I’ve got around that to some extent by bringing my Artline drawings, into the iPad then inkjet printing them, onto watercolour paper, using Epson pigment ink. Thereby, making the drawings fade resistant for 50 plus years. Yay!

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Leaves, Hills and Valleys – in Gouache and Watercolour

Landscape paintingPainted with gouache and a little watercolour, on Strathmore 300 gsm watercolour paper – 5” x 7”.

Day 10 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

I’m glad that gouache was an allowable part of this challenge. You can make lovely transparent washes with them, and also achieve a painterly look, similar to acrylics and oils. And like watercolour, they’re easy to clean up. I’ve been dabbling with gouache for a while, and keen to learn more.

For tackling a landscape, which I find particular difficult, I appreciate the opaque nature of gouache. I managed to brighten some mud I’d created, by adding in white gouache with watercolour, and with some vivid colours in my palette set of Caran d’Ache gouache.

I worked from a photo, imagination, and memory – mental observation notes I made while out walking with our dogs. I often struggle to bring seas of green bushes, diverse leaf shapes, and rolling hills into some kind of pleasing composition! The strong lines of tree trunks and branches are much easier to grasp… I think that’s why I’m happier with the landscape I did the other day. Much to learn! 🙂

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Watercolour – Flowers 1

Pink Flowers

Watercolour, watersoluble graphite pencil, watersoluble coloured pencils, and gouache…on Strathmore 300gsm watercolour paper.  Size: approx. 16cm x 11cm.

Day 2 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. Some aspects work ok….though too tight, and muddy in places! All good fun. 🙂 Hmm, don’t think I’ll add this to my ongoing flower series. Thanks for visiting!

Flowers 1.T – and About My Art Shop

Flower paintingAnother one for my flower series.

A while back, I painted this in an app called, “Art Rage”. I’ve printed it onto a lovely %100 cotton paper, and added it to my art I have for sale in my local area. Also, I’ll soon have some art, perhaps a few small pencil and watercolour artworks, available for purchase via my “Shop” page. I have some of art already available online as art prints, and on various items, in my Red Bubble shop, here.

Thought I’d try out the WordPress “Simple” payment system, which uses Paypal. Recently this was even further simplified – great job WordPress! As for promoting my art for sale, not my forte…. so just as well it’s more a fun adventure, than a serious business venture!

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Watercolour Wanderings

Painting of a pear
Painted with Sennelier Watercolour on 300gsm Daler Rowney Aquafine Cold Pressed Not paper.

To get on with some watercolour practice, I’ve pre-sliced quite a lot of various types of watercolour paper into A5 size and smaller. Generally I like to work fairly small on paper and canvas; usually no bigger than an A3 size. It enables me to begin and finish something in a shorter space of time. May do some larger works eventually.

My art often has to be squeezed in between the important job – vocation…of running an orderly household, which suits me fine. However, waves of a delightful arty disorder occur frequently at my dining room table. And now our boys are young men, there is a little more time and space for my art. Below are a few of my recent watercolour dabblings. *To enlarge them all and read the captions, please tap on an image.

As with my iPad art, I’m also making prints (on my own printer) of some of my art in traditional media; in A4 and A5 sizes, and as A6 cards (example above) – for sale in my local area. There’s more info about art that I sell on my “Shop” page.

The scans of my works on paper and canvas aren’t always spot on in colour and tone, though they are as close as I can get them to the originals – I’m still practicing my scanning skills. Usually, before printing the scanned artworks, I also need to make some minor adjustments, drawing freehand on them (with my finger)  using a little art app media. Often this informs my original work, and I make changes to it, and visa versa. In some ways, the originals and scanned images become slighty different works… Nevertheless, it’s still all my own work.. and the processes are good fun!

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