My Zen Brush 2 Painting and Information on iPad Art – a Downloadable Pdf

Red Zen Brush Flowers

I painted these flowers in the inky Zen Brush 2 app. This is the latest version; even more lovely than the first release, which also has beautiful media. Along with the black and greys, there is now  red and pinks, and it’s even more whooshy than the first one. Love it! I’ll be sharing more of my artworks from this app soon. *I draw and paint with my finger, rather than a stylus.

Since I began blogging here about 7 months ago – I’ve tried to present in my posts, the creative potential of drawing and painting using various art apps.

I thought a downloadable information sheet, may also be helpful. I enjoyed doing the “infographic” as I think they are called; look similiar to what I know as “Mind Maps”.  Recently when I shared about my iPad art at the local community house it spurred me on to write one. *My info graphic” and a link to it are at the bottom of this post. 

Some of my fellow bloggers will be familiar with the information below – though you may glean something more.
Opportunity strikes here, for me to say a big thank you to all of you, for your “likes” and encouraging comments in these past months. Also thank you for your lovely posts – beautiful art, photos, poetry and in general great writing! So inspiring!

Instead of catching you at the other end, I’ll say my cheerio here…and have a great weekend. 🙂

Some general background points

For nearly two years, I’ve explored drawing and painting on my iPad, using extraordinary art app media – not something I really planned. *Some art apps I use are also available on android tablets.

Never thought I’d draw with my finger on a glass screen, or use any of this type of modern technology!
All my studies and training are in the traditional, fine arts. I’ve rarely used a computer and have no skills in using digital art programs.

What began as an initial search for an art app to do simple line drawings, to illustrate my poems; became an exciting adventure, as I discovered apps which offered amazing media – much better than I ever imagined was possible! As in any art materials, there’s both poor and excellent quality. The art apps and their media I eventually found, and now use, are in the excellent category! *There’s more info on my posts and pages on my blog and of course, in the App store.

With the easy to use art apps, I list on the “infographic” below, you can work in much the same style: colours, line work, tonal range…. as you do on paper or canvas. This was important to me. I like to experiment in my artworks, but I also want to continue to use the skills I have spent years developing. So I was glad to find art apps which need little techno expertise, and I could just get on with drawing and painting!

Though many people use a stylus, I prefer to draw on the screen with my finger. I push around, oil pastels, splash around paint, or crosshatch with a pencil and so on… Quickly, I focus on my art, and the “feel” of the media, and the screen becomes my paper or canvas. Some: I print up at home, or via an email for lovely laser prints or off to the printers for giclee prints. Many, stay unseen – much like my paper sketchbooks.

My iPad (with an attached keyboard) is a self-contained, all purpose, art and writing studio. I use it to blog (I built this website on it) write, paint, draw, read, make ebooks, easily put together “infographics”, scan in my works on paper or canvas, work on them further in an art app, reprint them…and more. Also saves: time, money and space.

To download this information pdf, please press on the title link below. Fits onto an A4 sheet of paper. For personal use only, not commercial. Thank you. I have copyright info on the sidebar of my blog.

iPad Art Info Pdf
Info pdf pic

Lemon in a Bowl – Oil Pastel Drawing and a Poem

Lemon in a Bowl

This is a drawing I did 17 yrs ago; probably around the same time I wrote the poem. I used an oil pastel resist technique. It’s framed and hanging up in our lounge room. I scanned it into my iPad with the “Pro Scanner” app, and took it into “Art Set Pro” – where I lightened the whites, (with thin white paint washes) as they had muddied a bit in the scanning process. That can happen when you scan at night; and of course a bit tricky to scan with a glass front on it.

Poem notes
Rough poem notes and sketches.

After coming across my lemon poem today, while I was looking through one of my arty/poetry folders, I thought this particular drawing, quite suited the words of this poem. So all this time later I’m marrying them together; and doing so, using technology I wouldn’t of dreamt of years ago!

This poem is a bit of a tongue twister. I used the poetic devices “alliteration” and “assonance” to get this effect.

I have many poems and sketches in my folders and filing cabinet, waiting to be polished up. I mention that on my “About” page. It’s fun to be able to do this now and share it here. My iPad, with the logitech keyboard attached, is such a delight to use and so useful for many of my art and writing purposes.

I’ll post another drawing/painting of a lemon soon, that I did on the weekend. It began on paper like my garlic drawing and ended up in the “Art Set Pro” app. This poem and drawing met up today, and they have snuck in before it. 🙂

Have a great day.

Garlic Bulbs – Fineliner Pen Drawing, Scanned into My iPad – Then Added Paint…

Garlic bulb drawing
I began this drawing on paper, after scanning it into my iPad, I took it into “Art Set Pro” and finished it in there. I like the faint colours that crept in on the lower part of the scan. I think this drawing will print up nicely.

The other day, my husband brought in some garlic from the garden. Their tendrils and the bulbous shapes looked so attractive.  I thought…I must draw them! It was a favourite subject matter of mine years ago. This is the completed drawing above, with drawings of the various processes further along.

Garlic bulbs ink pen drawing
I used a fineliner pen on simple A4 copier paper.

So I went searching around for an ink pen; my husband handed me one, and it happened to be a favourite of mine. A simple “Artline” pen that you can get in most supermarkets. It’s been a while since I’ve used a fineliner pen – except for one in an art app.

So I did a quick fineliner pen drawing. I didn’t do a pencil sketch underneath, just raced about quickly with the pen. Then I used the “Scanner Pro” app, to scan it into my iPad. Then took it into the “Art Set Pro” app,  for some paint washes.

Thinking of it now, as this particular pen is watersoluble, I could have added some water to the lines to get a lovely inky wash. Hmm, has been a while since I drew with one (over a year), forgot about that! It was fun to use again. So much media these days to choose from; spoilt for choices!

I wrote a poem, quite a few months ago, called “Ode to My Pencils…” about a jar of brushes, pens and pencils. I said in the poem, I would see them again! I imagine, if they wonder which one next, will be taken for a spin.

I saw a beautiful ink pen and watercolour drawing recently, by a fellow artist blogger. I think it was part of the inspiration for me, to choose a pen for this drawing. You can see that particular drawing and more of her lovely artwork on her blog, Create Art Everyday (the link takes you straight to her post with the inkpen drawing). Her sunny attitude to her art and to life, is revealed in her delightful blog posts. Always a joy to read and view!

The Drawing at Various Stages

*There’s more information on the captions underneath each drawing. I draw and paint on my iPad with my finger, rather than a stylus.

Garlic bulb drawing 2
I used black paint thinned down in “Art Set Pro”. Here, you can see the edges of the scanned in drawing.
Garlic bulb drawing 3
When I used the white paint, I made it thicker; sort of like a gouache effect. Enlarged it to do some details. Smudged it a tiny bit in places. Love the look of the “Art Set Pro” layout.
Garlic bulb drawing 4
Enlarged further to make it easier for finer details. I really like this tangle of lines and the composition. I may play around with this idea, when I take it to “Photos” – enlarge, crop it and use it as a finished drawing.

Perhaps, next time you go to chop up some garlic, or other vegetables – look very closely at them; and you may see something good enough to draw as well as eat.

Happy creating, whether it’s a meal or a drawing. 🙂

Watercolour of Pegs – a Haiku – Haiga: the Beauty of Everyday Things

Watercolour of pegs
This is from my handmade book called “Poems from Home: a collection of Illustrated Haiku”. A collection I wrote and drew, a few years ago.

I often find the look of everyday things: pegs, dishes on the kitchen sink, a pile of washing – their colours and shapes; are very appealing. As a mum of four boys (young men now) that’s just as well, as over the years , I’ve seen a lot of these things – everyday!

Whatever the subject matter, it’s the way you compose the visual information and present it in your picture space, that makes it interesting and attractive. And sometimes a swish of words – a title, a haiku; can add the final polish.

In a photo by Ompong, in a recent post on his blog Photo ni Ompong (the link takes you to this particular post) he has also focused on pegs, as well as clothes hangers, for the subject matter. He manages to make them look quite lovely.

Ompong often creates amazing photo compositions from what he sees in his everyday life. As well as, beautiful well composed photos of the natural world, especially sunsets. He shows great skill in the way he crops and arranges the visual elements of his photos; and I love how he uses post titles to cleverly compliment them. These usually have a touch of humour, which is also often evident in his posts.

Since I started blogging a few months ago, I’ve come across many amazing artists and writers. I intend to share links, sometimes, in my posts –  to their lovely blogs. There are also lots of blog links on my sidebar, with some more I need to add on there soon.

Perhaps, next time you spy a pile of washing or a stack of dishes, you may well see a touch of beauty, that asks to star, in your next drawing, painting or poem. 🙂