A Canvas and Art app Mix, and: About Art, Illustration, Prints and Some links

Painting of a woman's face
The finished work, after using: paint, pencil, oil pastels and smudge tools, on my iPad.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the screen, rather than use a stylus.

I began this work on canvas and then decided to take it into an art app called “Art Set Pro” to paint on it further. *You can also begin with your art app drawing/painting printed out, and then work on it further with traditional media. Another one of those “faces” I like to draw or paint.  You can see some of the processes in the pics below. I used the “Scanner Pro” app, to scan it into my iPad. Then for it’s final home, I printed it out on my home wireless printer – presently I have, just a small A4 inexpensive epson printer. I also brushed on a coating of “Mod Podge” gloss lustre.

*Please touch on a pic below to enlarge them.


As per a previous post, next year I hope to invest in a better quality printer and inks, which will allow for making print’s with “archival” features. I’ll still out-source sometimes to a printer and keep my works on my “print on demand” site.

Links about protective lacquers and inkjet printing:

imagescience.com.au  “Making Your Own Inkjet Prints”

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio  Print Finishing Lacquers

I’d like to be more involved in the final print production – much as I was when making my little hand made books on my colour copier. An exciting event, when I got this! It saved me having to use our local community house copier or the laser printer in the local “officechoice” store. I’d also use it to scan and print some of my watercolours and pencil drawings. I’d then sometimes add colour tints to an acrylic gloss gel medium and brush it over them. I’d make cards with some of my colour copied artwork as well.

Now my old copier, sits rather forlornly to one side, as technology marches on.

So much of the art I love (and perhaps, for many of you) was first seen, as a child in print: in children’s books and encyclopaedias…magazines. I think there are many great artists among illustrators and visa versa.

On this point, here is a link to an interesting article “Is illustration Art” on a site called The Virtual Instructor.

I’ve come across amazing art by some illustrator/artists (or vice versa 🙂 ) since I began blogging here. You can find links to them and other blogs I enjoy on the sidebar of my site. And below links to:

the wonderful art and illustrations of Pat Achilles at her blog AchillesPortfolio and Barbara Bromley at her site Artful Passages

*More about printing, on my page “Printing iPad Art”.

Thank you for stopping by – have a great day!

Watercolour on Paper: an Illustrated Poem, (Haiga), Haiku, (Senryu)

A sink

This is another one of my illustrated poems, from my handmade book, “Poems from Home: a Collection of Illustrated Haiku”. Given time, I plan to put them together as an ebook – which can also be printed – using a great app called “Book Creator”.

The terms: haiku, senryu, haiga; and their various definitions, I talk about in my post,  “Watercolour Scanned into My iPad and a Haiku (Senryu)”; where you can also find links to some excellent sites, which have more information on these matters. As well, there is more information in my post, “About Haiku and Tips on Writing them”.

Hope you feel inspired to create a: a haiku, haiga, senryu or illustrated poem – small homes – yet in some ways, can provide large spaces for your thoughts to roam. 🙂