Flower Friends

Woman with FlowersWatercolour, gouache, Inktense pencil, and graphite pencil, on Art Spectrum, textured A4 “Draw and Wash” paper.

Day 30 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

Began with an idea, and a quick trip around the paper with a black Inktense paper. Then brushed on washes of watercolour, and a little white gouache – mostly on the face. Added touches of graphite pencil here and there.

Knowing I can bring in some white gouache to tame my lines helps me relax with the initial sketch.

Ah, lots of line work; back to comfortable territory! This technique is probably how I like to mostly work; with visits to other ways in between.

Back tomorrow with the last watercolour of the challenge!

Cheerio, till then.

A Sunflower – Sort Of

Sunflower paintingWatercolour, Inktense pencil, and gouache on canvas: size approx. 10cm x 10cm – 4” x 4”.

Day 29 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This is not yet a finished painting, and it’s not one I’m particularly pleased with. However, as is often the case, there’s aspects I like, and I learn something. 

The focus is unfortunately neither the petals or the leaves, and there is a visual fight there I find disconcerting. 

It’s a long way from a fresh washy look, and doesn’t quite hit the mark as a painterly piece. However, it almost succeeds as a stylised art work – a look I quite like. 

I hope to fix it up a bit…and an “isolation” coat and varnish will help to bring out the colours and contrasts, as well as protect it. These protective coatings can be quite effective over watercolours and gouache.

On with the challenge…two more days to go!

Thanks for viewing my work


Woman’s faceWatercolour and gouache, on 5”x 7” Strathmore hot pressed 300gsm paper.

Day 23 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

I began with a wash of reddish orange watercolour and an idea, and followed it along….

I managed to keep the washes fairly loose (yay!); and as I wanted a soft painterly look, I didn’t use an under drawing, or any pencil at all, just the tip of the brushes. I used white gouache with watercolour to make the skin colours.

In general I was pleased how it turned out, but now I can see little marks on the face (and elsewhere!) that I’d like to change.

Part of what I find challenging, about this challenge, is before sharing a painting online, there isn’t time to rest it, so as to see where you may want to make some final alterations. However, it does help prevent me from overworking something, which I’m prone to do.

Cheerio, till tomorrow, and yet another painting!

Flower Blues

Watercolour, watersoluble Inktense pencil in “bright blue”, black coloured pencil and a little gouache. On 5” x 7” Strathmore hot pressed 300gsm watercolour paper. Put on a tan border in the Book Creator app.

Day 22 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

Began with a blue Inktense pencil drawing, washed over it with water, and added some black pencil lines. Then onwards with watercolour and gouache from there. 

Thanks for visiting!

Finding Flowers – Watercolour and Gouache

Flowers in a Vase

Watercolour, gouache, watersoluble Inktense pencil, on Strathmore hot pressed 300gsm paper. Size: 3.5” x 5”. I put the border on in the Book Creator app.

Day 21 of the World Watercolour Month challenge. 

Flowers in a vase
The above flowers, before I over did them!

I wet the paper a little and splashed on some flower like colours and patterns. With the flower and leaf shapes I found, I further refined them with more watercolour washes. They still looked too formless when dry, so I tried to pull it together using “bark” coloured Inktense pencil lines. I wet the line work a little.

Then I realised I’d hidden too much of the white paper, (which I too often do!) so white gouache to the rescue – I think it helped a bit. I also deepened some darks, and added more colour….I think I over did it.

I’ve included a pic of these flowers before I got too carried away – they have a fresher look, which I prefer.

This was a fun exercise, so was writing this tongue twister to try and describe it!

 Cheerio, till next time!