Trying out a Facebook Embed, from My Facebook Page

Within the ever helpful WordPress tutorials, I happened upon a way to embed my facebook posts. I do have a facebook widget, and I do use “publicise” to send my posts from here, to there. However, I didn’t realise, I could imbed a post from there to here; and at such a good pixel size. *However, the embed. Pic, doesn’t show in the WordPress reader, just the code. 

In a previous post I shared about a grand plan to publish more (short) posts on facebook: because it was quicker – wanting to save time, as always! – and (supposedly) to reach a wider, audience….and then rounding them up here for a longer post, occasionally…and so on…and on..

That hasn’t worked as I thought it would; not a time-saver as I’d hoped. Also, with facebooks new algorithms, it seems unless I pay for my page to be promoted – which isn’t about to happen! – facebook severely limits the distribution of my posts. I’ll persevere with facebook – for now… Instagram seems a good place to share art, but it’s now owned by facebook, don’t know if I’ll bother with it.

I do like mucking about with, links, widgets and such like… Learnt a lot more about these wondrous things, when I managed recently to put on a new static front page/door to my site. I enjoy occasionally updating my site’s gallery entrance, rearranging the furniture, sweeping the porch, putting out fresh flowers….There’s lots of links there, (pretty rosy pink ones, which come with this WordPress theme) to make my site easy to travel around.  I do all this on the iPad I rarely use a computer.

Way back, during my study days: a pen and paper were my constant companions, with my electric typewriter – loved that quick erase button – being the height of my techno tools!
Lastly, but most importantly, thankful to God, in all things…..

Lemon Drawing on Paper, then Paint Washes Added on My iPad

Lemon drawing
This is the finished drawing. Begun on paper; scanned into my iPad and completed in the “Art Set Pro” app. Happy with some parts of it.

As I did with my garlic drawing, I began this drawing on paper. I again used a fineliner pen. With this one I also added graphite pencil. The pencil is soluble in water.

I swished a wet brush across the pencil marks and turned them into a grey wash. I scanned the drawing into my iPad with the “Scanner Pro” app; then I took it into the “Art Set Pro” app and added some thin colour washes, coloured pencil and used smudge tools.

It’s handy to be able to smudge the fineliner pen lines in the app.

This is the finished drawing above and below are some of the processes.
*I use my finger, rather than a stylus, to draw and paint on my iPad. 

*Tap on any drawing below to enlarge all of them.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Lemon in a Bowl – Oil Pastel Drawing and a Poem

Lemon in a Bowl

This is a drawing I did 17 yrs ago; probably around the same time I wrote the poem. I used an oil pastel resist technique. It’s framed and hanging up in our lounge room. I scanned it into my iPad with the “Pro Scanner” app, and took it into “Art Set Pro” – where I lightened the whites, (with thin white paint washes) as they had muddied a bit in the scanning process. That can happen when you scan at night; and of course a bit tricky to scan with a glass front on it.

Poem notes
Rough poem notes and sketches.

After coming across my lemon poem today, while I was looking through one of my arty/poetry folders, I thought this particular drawing, quite suited the words of this poem. So all this time later I’m marrying them together; and doing so, using technology I wouldn’t of dreamt of years ago!

This poem is a bit of a tongue twister. I used the poetic devices “alliteration” and “assonance” to get this effect.

I have many poems and sketches in my folders and filing cabinet, waiting to be polished up. I mention that on my “About” page. It’s fun to be able to do this now and share it here. My iPad, with the logitech keyboard attached, is such a delight to use and so useful for many of my art and writing purposes.

I’ll post another drawing/painting of a lemon soon, that I did on the weekend. It began on paper like my garlic drawing and ended up in the “Art Set Pro” app. This poem and drawing met up today, and they have snuck in before it. 🙂

Have a great day.

A Watercolour Painting Scanned into my iPad; and a Haiku.

Folded washing

I did this watercolour and wrote the words quite a few years back. I scanned it in using the “Scanner Pro” app on my iPad, and then took it into the “Phonto” app to type in my haiku. I call this picture and haiku; an illustrated haiku, rather than a haiga.

In a haiga the relationship between the artwork and haiku, is of a particular kind, and not specifically an illustration of the haiku. Although, it can get tricky to knowing exactly where to draw the line (no pun intended ) 🙂 in our modern English versions of this traditional Japanese art-form.

This one about the washing, will be included in a book  I’ve put together called “Poems from Home: a Collection of Illustrated Haiku”. Another handmade book of mine, that I’ll slowly turn into an ebook, using “Book Creator”; an excellent app. There’s more about the apps I use on my page “About Some Art apps, Other apps, and My Books”.

Apple in a tree pastl on blue paper in the "Art Set Pro" app.
I drew this looking out my lounge room window. I used oil pastel on blue paper in the “Art Set Pro” app.

I have so many arty and writing projects on the go and then I get new ideas in-between (which of course is great) but, it means it’ll take a fairly long time to do it all.  Not to worry, it’s good fun, which makes it easy to persevere!

I hope to fit in ocaisionally, along with my iPad art, some art on paper, and perhaps on canvas as well. Thankful, for all the choices in media that I have, and opportunities to do these things.

Have a lovely day.


Steps in Painting on My iPad – and a Haiku and Haiga

Recently, I was in the kitchen, (always something to do in there) and a bowl of tomatoes kept catching my attention. The light from the window, fell across them, making patterns of lights, darks and various red hues. They looked good enough to draw and paint, as well as eat. Just managed to grab one and my iPad, before they were all gone –  and paint it.

Just touch on a picture to view the gallery.

My finished painting.

Tomato 6
For the final part, I put some warm yellow into the surrounds of the tomato. Also did a little bit of smudging with the wonderful smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.

My haiku and haiga.

When I filled up the bowl with tomatoes again, I wrote about them in a haiku and placed it with a quick painting I did in the “Zen Brush” app – to which I added a splash of red paint in “Art Set Pro”. The combination of a haiku with a quick drawing, which captures the essence of the haiku is called a haiga.

Like my haiku, my haiga are more contemporary english versions of these traditional Japanese forms: though I do aim to capture many of their key elements.  Below are my first attempts at writing the tomato haiku, and following is the finished haiga; where I changed some words at the last minute.

Haiku - rough draft
My messy (as is usual) first draft. Just about always use unlined paper. Doing quick sketches and writing at the same time, often helps me think more clearly…I think!

My completed haiga.

Tomato haiga
I did the drawing in the “Zen Brush” app, and added a touch of thinned red paint in “Art Set Pro”. I added the words in “Art Set Pro” using the ink pen, changing some of the words in my haiku in the process. It was difficult to write neatly in the app, however I like the almost child-like handwriting; sort suited it and may use this style again.

I like the loose look of  this drawing. The painting is a bit too tight, need to loosen up my brushstrokes..

Fruit and vegetables: tomatoes, pears, pumpkins…in endless combinations or one on its own offer so many colours and shapes to draw and paint. A favourite subject matter of many artists. Duane Keiser does this wonderfully – among other subject matter. Sigh..I’ll just keep practicing.

Tacked them up on one of the kitchen cabinets, which means I’m reasonably pleased with how they turned out. 🙂 *Trying out various matt papers to print on lately, as per the caption below.

Art prints on kitchen cabinet
I printed my haiga on our air printer on cover card, gave it a lovely matt finish and the tomato painting is a laser print on gloss paper. Gloss further enhances the colour. Often email my iPad art to a local office supply store to be laser printed.


As I jotted down: notes, ideas, did some artwork; and put together this fortnightly post, I realised I had enough art and words to share a shorter post in the interim week. So I’ll do this sometimes.

I visited some lovely blogs, during this last two weeks and thank you for visiting me here.

I’ll be back again soon; if not next week, almost certainly the following week. Have a great day.