Flowers 1.X

Red FlowersDrawn (freehand) with: pencil, ink bleed, turpentine, and gesinski ink in the Procreate app. More flowers for my flower series.

As much as I love working in watercolours and other traditional media, I continue to enjoy my visits back to drawing freehand on the iPad.

The art app media I use prints up well on my inkjet printer. I use fade resistant inks. The colours look fresh, and the line work is crisp. I can now, after much play and practice, achieve a similar look with my “reproductive” prints.

Thanks for viewing my work!

Effervescently Thank You

A vase of wattleWatercolour and graphite pencil, on Strathmore 300gsm 5” x 7”, cold pressed watercolour paper.

Day 31 – and the final day of the World Watercolour Month challenge!

This vase of wattle sits in the corner of our local cafe, and greets me with effervescent waves of yellow, and blue-greens…

I welcome it with washes of watercolour, and try to tie it delicately together with fine pencil lines. Amazingly, I manage not to dip my brush in my coffee!

Though I draw or paint most days, part of what made this watercolour challenge, challenging, was to bring a work to a semblance of finish, daily – and then to post it in various places online! Mostly it’s been an enjoyable art filled month.

And so an effervescent thank you for viewing this month of watercolour wanderings; and the encouraging comments I’ve received along the way. And thank you Charlie O’Shields at for organising this watercolour event.

I’ll be back posting some art again soon (and hopefully one of my illustrated poems) perhaps in: watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, acrylic, watersoluble pastel…or iPad art, or a mix of everything! Spoilt for choices and thankful†.

Cheerio for now; enjoy your day.

Flowers 4 – in Watercolour and Gouache

Orange flower painting

Watercolour and gouache, on 12.70cm x 17.78cm (5” x 7”) Strathmore cold pressed 300gsm watercolour paper.

Day 7 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This watercolour paper is becoming a favourite. It has an attractive texture, which takes a wash in a lovely way. I ended up cropping this a bit to improve the composition. I also added a little white gouache (and some other gouache colours) to bring back some freshness to it; I’d covered too much of the white paper – not an uncommon situation for me! Lots of practice will help. 🙂

Watercolour – Flowers 3

Flowers in watercolour

Top left – black watersoluble pencil, watercolour and gouache top right – gouache; bottom – graphite pencil and watercolour. On Fabriano %25 cotton watercolour paper, 300gsm.

Day four of the World Water Colour Month challenge.

I took a photo of a sprig of geranium in the garden, to use as visual info for these watercolours. Even with the frosts we’ve had lately, these hardy plants continue to flower. 

The watercolour at the front worked best..I put the arch of pencil on the top left of it to try and help with the composition. The top left painting became a muddy mess! I liked some of the looseness in the one top right… Oh to get: composition, colour, colour values… to work together within the same painting! Not to worry, always something to learn.

Thanks for visiting!