Flowers and Trees – in Ink Pen and a Mix of Media

Drawing of treesInk pen, Inktense block washes, some pencil work, and gouache – on A4 Quill Kraft paper.

I’ve also printed this picture in pigment ink, with my inkjet printer, on A3 Canson 220gsm paper. And applied some coloured pencil to it.

Thoroughly enjoyed Inktober, and the opportunity to use lots of line work. Not that I need need an excuse to do that! I often use lots of lines in my work/play.

Though I draw most days, I didn’t do an ink drawing and post it everyday, as I found it quite demanding doing that when participating in the “WorldWatercolourMonth” challenge.

Below are some inky works I did this month, including one using the ink in the Zen Brush 2 app, and in the Sketches app, which also includes some of it’s paint media – glad digital ink could be included in Inktober. *To enlarge the images, and read the captions, please tap on one of them.

I’ll probably print some of these as well…and perhaps add some more media in an art app along the way, and/or traditional media to the print – and on it goes. Good fun!

Enjoy your day!

Flowers 1.Y

Flower paintingWatercolour, Inktense block colour, graphite pencil, on Strathmore 300gsm 5” x 7” watercolour paper.

For the underlying drawing I used a brush that I continually swished over a black Derwent Inktense block. I so enjoy the vivid colours of the Inktense pencils I use, that I recently purchased a set of 12 Inktense blocks, with plans to also use them in larger works.

Inktense colours are water resistant when dry, so watercolours washed over the top, don’t merge with them. Unless of course you want to use wet in wet techniques. I particular love how Inktense pencil lines move in an unpredictable ways, when washed with water.

I’ve also used Artline pens to get that whooshy look and feel that I like, when doing an ink and wash drawing (which I can’t get with micron and suchlike pens). Unfortunately the ink in an Artline pen is not fade resistant. Though I’ve got around that to some extent by bringing my Artline drawings, into the iPad then inkjet printing them, onto watercolour paper, using Epson pigment ink. Thereby, making the drawings fade resistant for 50 plus years. Yay!

Thanks for visiting!

Flowers 1.X

Red FlowersDrawn (freehand) with: pencil, ink bleed, turpentine, and gesinski ink in the Procreate app. More flowers for my flower series.

As much as I love working in watercolours and other traditional media, I continue to enjoy my visits back to drawing freehand on the iPad.

The art app media I use prints up well on my inkjet printer. I use fade resistant inks. The colours look fresh, and the line work is crisp. I can now, after much play and practice, achieve a similar look with my “reproductive” prints.

Thanks for viewing my work!

Effervescently Thank You

A vase of wattleWatercolour and graphite pencil, on Strathmore 300gsm 5” x 7”, cold pressed watercolour paper.

Day 31 – and the final day of the World Watercolour Month challenge!

This vase of wattle sits in the corner of our local cafe, and greets me with effervescent waves of yellow, and blue-greens…

I welcome it with washes of watercolour, and try to tie it delicately together with fine pencil lines. Amazingly, I manage not to dip my brush in my coffee!

Though I draw or paint most days, part of what made this watercolour challenge, challenging, was to bring a work to a semblance of finish, daily – and then to post it in various places online! Mostly it’s been an enjoyable art filled month.

And so an effervescent thank you for viewing this month of watercolour wanderings; and the encouraging comments I’ve received along the way. And thank you Charlie O’Shields at for organising this watercolour event.

I’ll be back posting some art again soon (and hopefully one of my illustrated poems) perhaps in: watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, acrylic, watersoluble pastel…or iPad art, or a mix of everything! Spoilt for choices and thankful†.

Cheerio for now; enjoy your day.

A Sunflower – Sort Of

Sunflower paintingWatercolour, Inktense pencil, and gouache on canvas: size approx. 10cm x 10cm – 4” x 4”.

Day 29 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This is not yet a finished painting, and it’s not one I’m particularly pleased with. However, as is often the case, there’s aspects I like, and I learn something. 

The focus is unfortunately neither the petals or the leaves, and there is a visual fight there I find disconcerting. 

It’s a long way from a fresh washy look, and doesn’t quite hit the mark as a painterly piece. However, it almost succeeds as a stylised art work – a look I quite like. 

I hope to fix it up a bit…and an “isolation” coat and varnish will help to bring out the colours and contrasts, as well as protect it. These protective coatings can be quite effective over watercolours and gouache.

On with the challenge…two more days to go!

Thanks for viewing my work