Flower Friends

Woman with FlowersWatercolour, gouache, Inktense pencil, and graphite pencil, on Art Spectrum, textured A4 “Draw and Wash” paper.

Day 30 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

Began with an idea, and a quick trip around the paper with a black Inktense paper. Then brushed on washes of watercolour, and a little white gouache – mostly on the face. Added touches of graphite pencil here and there.

Knowing I can bring in some white gouache to tame my lines helps me relax with the initial sketch.

Ah, lots of line work; back to comfortable territory! This technique is probably how I like to mostly work; with visits to other ways in between.

Back tomorrow with the last watercolour of the challenge!

Cheerio, till then.


Woman’s faceWatercolour and gouache, on 5”x 7” Strathmore hot pressed 300gsm paper.

Day 23 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

I began with a wash of reddish orange watercolour and an idea, and followed it along….

I managed to keep the washes fairly loose (yay!); and as I wanted a soft painterly look, I didn’t use an under drawing, or any pencil at all, just the tip of the brushes. I used white gouache with watercolour to make the skin colours.

In general I was pleased how it turned out, but now I can see little marks on the face (and elsewhere!) that I’d like to change.

Part of what I find challenging, about this challenge, is before sharing a painting online, there isn’t time to rest it, so as to see where you may want to make some final alterations. However, it does help prevent me from overworking something, which I’m prone to do.

Cheerio, till tomorrow, and yet another painting!

Woman with Orange Flowers – Watercolour and Gouache

Woman with Orange Flowers

Watercolour and gouache on A5 size paper.

Day 13 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

With this painting I started with a quick drawing in a mauve (Albrecht Durer) watersoluble pencil; and after wetting the lines, I added some watercolour washes… Then finished with a few details in white gouache mixed with watercolour.

I’ve drawn portraits over the years, however, these days with the many women I draw, I prefer to work mainly from my imagination. This can lead to anatomical distortions, but conveying a mood, or emotion is now my main objective. As I aim towards realism, I try to keep these distortions within reasonable bounds! I share about drawing faces here.

Thanks for visiting!

Two Landscapes and a Woman’s Face – in Watercolour

Painting of a Woman’s Face

Sennelier watercolours. The woman’s face was painted on a A5 sheet of 300gsm Fabriano 25% cotton paper, and the two landscapes are on A6 size, 300gsm Arches paper.

Day 6 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This time I put washes of paint on quite wet paper. I tried to keep the watercolours wet and flowing; allowing more of an opportunity for the unexpected to happen… which is half the fun of using watercolours. In the second washes I regained more control.

Tackling landscape painting is way out of my comfort zone. During this watercolour challenge I intend to persevere and paint more landscapes. The practice should help! I find I get a little lost among the hills and trees and fields… I’ll be having a closer look at landscapes beautifully rendered by many artists, both here in WordPress and beyond. I’m much more comfortable with drawing or painting faces – perhaps as over many years, I’ve put plenty of time and practice into doing them. *To enlarge the pics below, please tap on one of them.

Thanks for viewing my work – enjoy your weekend!

Pencil Lines, Watercolour Washes, and Mixed Media Works

Watercolour and art app media drawing
Not quite finished. This began as a small quick pencil sketch, with a touch of watercolour, on a piece of paper. I then took it into Procreate, and dabbed in some more colour. I may print it onto an A4 watercolour paper, and finish there. I’ve also printed smaller versions, to try out some watercolour/gouache ideas.

A few recent works below, with some information on the captions. Watercolour and pencil have long been favourite media to work in. And when our boys were little – now four young men – quick pencil lines and washes of watercolour were a handy option. They would often join in as well. The operative word here is “quick”! That’s how it had to be, to fit doses of art in my day. Actually, I think it helped me to loosen up over time, as there was no time to get too particular.

In the past few years of experimenting with drawing on the iPad, I’ve found a few art apps with watercolour media which look pleasingly natural: UBrush Pro app, an example here; the ArtRage app, as seen in this post; and the Sketches app, the third image along in the small gallery here. Although Procreate, and Art Set Pro, are still two of my favourite art apps, I don’t think their watercolours are as naturalistic.

I’ll be participating in July the #WorldWaterColourMonth challenge. It’ll certainly be a challenge; I may not be able to get a watercolour painted every day – though I usually draw or paint something everyday. It’ll be fun trying; and a helpful discipline. I’ll share them here regularly, and from here to my Facebook page…and some on the WorldWaterColour group Facebook page.

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Watercolour Still Life
Graphite pencil with watercolour washes. I really enjoy a strong linear scaffold for some watercolours.
Pencil drawing with art app media
Drawn firstly with black watersoluble pencil, then added colour (freehand) with the artist crayon in Procreate.
A collection of artwork
A few more watercolours displayed in a grid from the Pic Collage app, to show parts that I liked the most. In the tree picture I also used watersouble crayon and gouache. I did the pic of our dog (we have two Jack Russels) in black watercolour pencil, and added a touch of brown wash. A colour version below.
Drawing of a dog
This is in the collection above. I took it into Procreate and drew in some colour with the artist crayon.
Drawing of a woman
I drew this using media in the Procreate app.