Some Recent iPad, and Traditional Media Artworks

Mother and baby drawing
Begun with a black watercolour on textured paper, then painted in a little colour in “Procreate”. On the print, I added more colour with my coloured pencils.

Some of these artworks I began on my iPad, and when I had printed them, I finished them with traditional media. Some I began on paper, and then finished them in an art app. As well, there are those I began, and completed either within an art app, or on paper …and two works in progress on canvas. *The gallery of artworks is a little further along.

The process of mixing traditional media with art app media, opens up a wide range of creative options, and possibilities; and I’m able to create some “one off” works, as well as open edition prints. Once I see how I finish a print with my traditional media, I often work back within the art app (preferring to use my finger, rather than a stylus) and finish the artwork there as well.

On my art app prints, I use oil based artist quality Polochromos coloured pencils. All of the colours, bar two, which I don’t use, have excellent lightfast ratings. Occaisionally, I add a touch of  Sennelier, or Windsor and Newton watercolour, and a bit of Art Spectrum gouache…sometimes graphite pencil…

There’s more from my flowers series in the mix. *Please touch on one pic, to enlarge them all.

The media I use works well over my inkjet prints, but not so well over a laser print, as the toner mostly repels it. However, if want to add further media to the laser print, I work around this a bit, by careful planning (which I often do anyway – making decisions about: composition, tone, colour…) and leave some areas white, or of a lighter colour, in the art app drawing. This means the media adheres better to the print surface.  A laser print (from my local officechoice store) comes in particularly handy for “A3” prints, as my inkjet printer, only prints to A4 size. This suits me as I generally like to work A4 size and under; and I’m not planning to buy an A3 printer – as yet.

There’s more info on my page “Printing iPad Art”. Thanks for stopping by!

“A Dance of Branches” – Painted with Art app Media.

Landscape painting

*I draw and paint, with my finger on the iPad, rather than use a stylus.

There was a frost outside this morning, and I lay cosy, warm in bed; sloshing about with paint on my iPad, in an app called “UBrush Pro”. It has a lovely “feel” to the paint – a wonderful watery effect – with an edge of unpredictability.

Qualities I enjoy with watercolour on paper – and which can, understandably, be difficult to find on an iPad!

However, this simple, little app with it’s uncluttered, easy to use panel, manages to deliver quite a satisfying watercolour experience. I’d say, a step beyond what I’ve discovered so far, in the better known art apps I use. I also really like the app’s coloured pencils – they seem so soft… Difficult to explain, the “feel” which accompanies the experience, of drawing and painting on an iPad. I gather it must be due to the power of visual perception. I don’t think I’d find iPad art so rewarding without this sensory experience.

A friend of mine, has “UBrush Pro”, and showed me it the other day. I didn’t realise I had it already; found it hidden away, on my busy looking iPad screen. She had the updated version, with the oil pastels, which work wonderfully well; and some other media. It’ll be worth the $5.99 (Aus) to update mine.

This landscape was a product of play, memory and imagination – good fun.

I’ll share some more of my works from this app soon. Have a great day!

Pencil, Charcoal, Paint…in “Art Set Pro” – and a P.S. Note…

Drawing of bowls and lemons

With my finger, on the iPad screen – built this up, much like I’d do with pencil on paper. Mostly drawn, from my imagination; though always see, plenty of dishes..round here! Did look closely at the lemons.

P.S. To my blogging friends – and whoever else lands here. Sort of a post within a post. 🙂

Since blogging here I’ve used the handy “publicise” option, in WordPress, to send my posts to my “facebook artist page”, or “fan” page as it is often called – a term I don’t much like, or that word “followers”. I’ll now, also, share some quick short posts, works in progress, etc….to my “page”, in between, posting here at my blog. I’ve shared a bit about my blog aims, for this year, in an earlier post.

I’ll occasionally, round up some of these “facebook” posts, and post them on my blog.

I’ll still use “publicise” for some of my WordPress posts, particularly for the longer ones.

Not that keen on many things about facebook, though having a “page” on there (which I had, before I began my blog) has it’s merits.

My main reasons for posting more, on my “facebook artist page”; aside from reaching a wider audience,(many, may never travel through the blogosphere galaxy), there is the usual “time” factor – so quick to scoot my pics onto there. *Not sure about using Instagram…may eventually…. 

Also if I upload a post to my facebook “page” manually – as per this post, (though not the P.S section) when viewers, tap on a pic for a closer look, they’ll not be whizzed off, to my blog.

*Since writing this, I have shared in a following post, that  facebook has changed the  facebook algorithm for news feeds. So this takes the fizz, out of my above plans! Will mostly keep to using the WordPress “publicise” option after all.  

My site now operates more as a website – apparently, all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs, read that somewhere. I’ve put on a static front page (which I can, rearrange now and then, good fun), and so it operates more as a website… I think… ;)… sometimes I don’t have the commenting option turned on.

Enough of my meanderings! Thank you for your attention, mind you, I can understand, if you dozed off along the way…Hmm remember somewhere how it’s good to be concise…oh well.
Have a great day!

Recent iPad ArtWorks

Pastel of woman's face
I drew this on a brown surface in “Art Set Pro” app. Used: charcoal, paint, coloured pencil, smudge tools.

*I draw and paint with my finger, on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Drawing of a woman reading
Graphite pencil, a little coloured pencil and white conte, on a brown paper surface, in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Still life near window
Painted in the “Art Set Pro” app. Used: black oil pastel, charcoal, graphite penci, eraser for some highlights and white texta.
Painting of a vase of flowers.
Playing around with a bit of abstraction here. Used paint, smudge tools on a brown woven surface in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of fruit
This I began in “Procreate” using a brush setting called “gesinski ink” and one called “turpentine”. Then I took it to “Art Set Pro” app, to use those wonderful smudge tools.

Below, is a video from the “Procreate” app, before I took it into the “Art Set Pro” app, to use those naturalistic smudge tools, as you can see, above. Also added another lemon.

In most other art apps I use, tools offered for  smudging purposes, usually, give an unpleasant, unnatural looking effect.

Painting of a lemon
Painted  in “Art Set Pro” app.
Small landscape painting
Painted in “Art. Set Pro” app. Used paint, coloured pencil and smudge tools. I then cropped it by nearly a half in “iPhoto” app. Wasn’t happy with the left side at all. Though, still not particularly happy with it.
Drawing of kitchen scene
A quick sketch, in “Art Set Pro”; a sink scene. Used: black oil pastel, charcoal, paint, graphite pencil, white texta.
Drawing of women's face
I used paint, coloured pencil, smudge tools…in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Red flowers
A print from my home printer.

To the left is a print of a painting I did in the “Zen Brush” 2 app. I printed it with a border and slipped it into a simple black frame.

At the moment, I’m trying out printing more of my iPad art at home – looking into archival properties of inks and papers – printing some of my more traditional art, and trying out more mixed media experiments...also playing about with various finishes: gel medium, satin varnish, frames…and so on. In general; having fun! Hope to share some of this with you soon.

Enjoy your day. 🙂