A Video – Sketching on my iPad

Sketches on an iPad

I’ve mentioned about placing a video here of me (at least of my finger) drawing and painting on the iPad. Finally, I’ve (ok, my hand) has made it to the big, or rather the small screen.

You may have seen videos of artists, swishing about with their media, with great mood music playing in the background, wonderful camera angles and lighting – well, this isn’t one of them. *The video is a little further along.

There was the sound of tip tapping of dog paws  – our two cute Jack Russels – across the dining room floor; and me telling them to shoosh. As well, a few whisperings between my youngest son – the camera man – and I.

I managed to edit out the sound, and even put some captions on the video. However, by the time I’d figured out how to do this, I’d lost all momentum to figure out how to add music…

Importantly, you can see the iPad screen clearly, and me drawing, “albeit”  (such, a lovely old fashioned expression) just a bit of sketching – certainly not a masterpiece. 😉 It may not be as arty looking as seeing someone flourishing a brush, yet, the process feels surprisingly – given the somewhat oddity of it all – similar, and for me, just as rewarding. I’m using the lovely natural looking media, in the app “Art Set Pro”, which has a particularly visually appealing user panel.

I’ll continue to share on occaisions, the easier video option, where you can see my drawing unfolding – recorded from within an art app. But, I think my finger’s moment of fame is to be short lived.  No time for these shenanigans, there’s: dinner to cook, dogs to walk, family to chat with…

Nevertheless, I hope this little video, is helpful in giving you some further insights into iPad art.

I sometimes mix my iPad art and traditional art together, in the same drawing/painting. You can see some examples of this in a recent post.

Thank you for your time in reading this; and viewing my video.

Two Artworks Painted in the “Art Set Pro” App.

Landscape painting.
Firstly, I placed down some thin paint washes, then worked back into it with conte and smudge tools. Next I used a little bit of charcoal and a touch more paint.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Though I experiment and enjoy working with media in other art apps, “Art Set Pro”, continues to be my favourite art app.

Painting of flowers
A similar “imaginary” landscape to the other one. Added the yellow flowers, and did some smudging, but left some  brush strokes blunt, rather than soften their edges. In general, a little more abstraction than I usually do.

Some of My: iPad Art, and About Printing My Own Art

Landscape drawing
In “Art Set Pro”, I first put down some thin paint washes and then built up colour using the beautiful chalky conte crayons.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the screen, rather than use a stylus. 

My first intentions for seeking out art apps to use, were to do some simple illustrations for some of my poems. Yet, here I am a couple of years later doing much more than this; and quite taken up with this new way of doing my art.

Most of my studies and training are in the traditional, fine arts (and English Literature); drawing and painting on a glass screen (unless doing a mono-type on glass) is not something I ever envisioned.

However, art, in whatever way I choose to do it, always plays – when possible – a large part of my (and possibly for many of you) everyday life. The longest I ever put down my pencils, was for nearly a year after the birth of my first son – thirty one years ago. Due mainly to sheer exhaustion and the overwhelming and mostly delightful roller coaster ride, of the first year as a mum.

Drawing of a women's face
Drew this in a delightful app called, “Drawing Pad”. A simple, fun to use app, recommended for children and adults. Has lots of different paper surfaces to choose from.
From iPad Art into Print

It’s funny with my iPad art, the “original” lies within the iPad. A print is the only way to extract this work – which I do regularly; either via laser printing at my local “officechoice” store, and/or on my home printer.

This way, I get a good idea of colour and tonal qualities – important considerations, for many artworks, whatever method or media used. And of course, for my iPad drawing or painting, to bring one to completion, printing it is a vital step – a print becomes it’s final home. Certainly not all of my iPad art is printed and shared with others; nor are many of my drawings on paper- seen.

Apart from a few exhibitions and selling my art (traditional media) and my handmade books (colour copies of watercolour and line) locally over the years; to sell my art has never been a high or even low priority. Presentation of my work, usually involves just tacking it up around my home, as an ever changing gallery of pictures.

Charcoal pear drawing
I used the charcoal sticks and eraser, in the art app”Procreate”. I’m presently revisiting this art app. Though I don’t use it’s complicated layer system. My approach to my art, is as traditional as is possible, in this new technology!
Printing my iPad Art (and Some Scanned in Works) at Home

I hope to begin next year, making “archival” quality prints at home, and I’m in the process of searching around for just the right printer. The basic home printer I use, and in particular my laser prints do actually, give quite good colour reproduction and it does help me see how my art looks brought out into the daylight. 🙂 Printing from home is already good fun; and I look forward forward to doing a lot more of it. *Update: I’ve experimented further with printing my art at home; you can read more about it on my page, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”.

Set of images

This is a collection of some prints, that I printed at home, sent via my iPad to our wireless printer. However, the black and white drawing, on the stand, I drew straight onto the small canvas with my black water-soluble Derwent “Inktense” pencil. Excitedly awaiting a set of 24 of these gorgeous pencils. *Some of these pencils have a high rating of fade resistance. I’ll be careful to choose mainly, these ones, for finished works. I put a gloss gel medium on this, and on the prints..except for the “not finished” lemons on the right..

Sometimes I have attached a print to a small canvas and put gel medium layers on it (as I did to the one on the far left) Quite like how it intensifies the colour…The tiny one, laying down, began as a “inktense drawing”…then scanned it and added colour in the “Art Set Pro” app, then printed it again…I’ll share a bigger one of it next time. I’m experimenting more with beginning works on paper, scanning them in with my iPad, using the “Scanner Pro” app; then adding some more work on them in an app – then reprinting them. Or begin, in an art app, print it, draw on it…and on it goes.

Charcoal drawing of woman's face
Used various types of charcoal in “Procreate; and the eraser.

When it comes to presentation and/or selling an artwork, whatever the media used, there’s a fair bit to consider: the effects of light, archival properties of prints, framing, venues for selling art,…all areas, I’ll look at more closely in the coming months. I aim to exhibit more work locally, possibly using prints made at home and some of my prints ordered from online.

Drawing of a woman's face
This is drawn in “Procreate”. I used some pencils and chalky crayons and the eraser.

 P.s Looks like my plans for shorter posts, certainly hasn’t happened yet.Hope you get to draw or paint this week, whether on: paper, canvas, iPad – or an android tablet. 🙂

Some Drawings…Blog Changes and Why (Most of the Time) I’m Turning Post Comments Off

Still life with pear
I used: charcoal, paint, oil pastel, smudge tools; in the “Art Set Pro” app.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Blog Changes

I have just changed from my “Adelle” WordPress theme, to another responsive theme called, “Sketch”. It allows me to show pics at a larger size and gives a nice clean look around them. I changed my header too and added my name to the blog title. When I built my blog (on my iPad) I had lots of fun looking through heaps of themes and trying out a few. Quite pleased with how this one has turned out.

Below are a few links to fellow bloggers, whose art I love – who sell their work online.

Sand Salt Moon – and Society6 shop

Portfoliolongo – and RedBubble shop

An experiment – and Pixels.com

I’m glad that I’ve had time in these past 10 months of posting, to lay down some foundational posts – generally following my aims on my “About” page.

Why I’m Turning Post Comments Off  (At least, most of the time.)

Like other bloggers have mentioned, finding time to do posts, can be difficult; and cut into time doing the creative work you want to do and share! A dilemma – especially if you enjoy blogging; which I do.

I’ll continue to share my art and words here – about every two to three weeks, and more often if time permits. But to allow more time to do this, after some pondering and prayer, I’ve decided to not have comments on for many of my posts.  Also, most of my posts won’t be as long, as previous posts.

I have appreciated and enjoyed exchanging comments with many friendly fellow bloggers. So thank you for all your lovely words, and kind comments. They have been quite positive, and often helpful and insightful. I didn’t really reckon on having so many comments, so it’s been kinda nice. For anyone starting a blog I would recommend having comments. It’s a rewarding experience and it may well suit the type of blog you want to have – and indeed is the usual practice for a blog!

Ferns in a vase
This is a lovely paper surface in the “Art Set Pro” app. Used: charcoal, conte crayon, smudge tools.

However, I don’t think my blog posts require comments for me to share my art and words, in a meaningful way. Also apart from time-wise, I find it sometimes emotionally difficult to keep up with so much social interaction..wanting to say the suitable response and try to be helpful and all that;
I do try not to be anxious about this.

“In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6 WEB

Until I began drawing and painting on my iPad I rarely ventured into the online world; it’s certainly a busy place! Apart from family and the occasional cup of tea with a friend, I really don’t like to socialise much at all.

Primarily, looking after family and my home, are how I spend my days… My art and words fit in around all of this (which is fine). In the past few years, I have a little more time for my art projects.

I hope you’ll still drop by and “like” some of my posts. Though I may not have time to leave a comment on your posts, I’ll still be looking at them – I love to do that. You’ll know I’ve been there, because my “daisies” gravatar will be there when I “like” your post.

You can also find me via my facebook page Janette Leeds Artist.  Although I’m not that keen on some aspects of facebook; it is another place to share my art and words. My blog posts are sent to facebook, by using the very handy “publicise” option on WordPress. I usually just don’t have time to do a separate post for there!

Woman's face
I used: paint, charcoal, smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Is a blog without comments, really a blog… I saw a sentence like that on the internet, while I was pondering on these matters. I think it is…hmm, but perhaps, leaning towards being more like a website.

I have gathered, some people think it’s imperative to have comments. But I’ve never been much perturbed or deterred by what other people think – particularly as I get older.

I wonder how I’ll go with writing shorter posts, this one is pretty long! However, I did want to explain a few things instead of abruptly flicking the off switch!

In a couple of days after publishing this post, I’ll turn the post comments off.  Whether, I’ll ever turn that option on again, as a regular thing, not sure.. it’s mostly is a time issue, so I’ll see how it goes. I feel a tinge of sadness about this, but opportunity for some contact is still there – on my facebook page, and as mentioned, comments are on for a couple of my pages. I do hope this will free up more time, so I can continue to share, my art and words here, in the blogosphere.

All the best and happy: drawing, painting, writing, blogging…gardening.. I quite enjoy gardening, when I get time for it! Have a great day. 🙂

Mother and Baby Moments – iPad Art, Works on Paper, and on Canvas

Drawing of mother and baby 2
I drew this with charcoal in the “Art Set Pro” app. *I use my finger rather than a stylus.
Drawing of mother and baby 2
I did this quite a few years ago. A mono print, with watercolour.

Over the years, I’ve drawn and painted many mother and baby images; some from photos of me with one of our four sons; others, like the faces I draw, are a mix of memory and imagination. They are usually motherhood moments of those special times, of hugs and baby smiles.

Also, being a mum – and as many mums (or moms) reading this will know – those early baby years can mean: long hours of baby crying, tantrums, tears – ( mine too, well, a teeny bit) long nights of little sleep – on call constantly. Some days, there may be not much time to eat or have a cup of tea: dishes piled high on the sink, an ever growing pile of washing…and an overwhelming tiredness…

Sketch notes
Rough sketch notes – ideas for artworks.

These motherhood moments are not often mentioned in the arts and media, which can give a rather lopsided view of things! I have elsewhere, written and drawn more, about these less than idyllic, motherhood realities.

And just when you think it’s getting a little easier; you’re thrown into the turmoil of the teenage years.

Many heart in mouth moments..lots of waiting: for the sound of a car, so you know their safely home..for a phone call to know they’ve arrived safely somewhere. Lots of prayer, and still nights with little sleep! Lots of good things too. 🙂

I wouldn’t change any of it.
Drawing of Mother and Baby 5
Waiting for baby;  a long pregnant pause….! I was always well overdue! Oil pastel on canvas,  with some glaze medium.
Drawing of mother and baby 3
I drew this about 18yrs ago, soon after my youngest was born. Had a photo reference. I think I used a oil pastel resist technique. If you read (a bit blurry) the words underneath, you can work out my age…
Drawing of mother and baby 4
This I drew this with charcoal, pencil, paint, smudge tools, in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of Mother and Baby 6
Drew this on paper with water soluble oil pastels, with a photo as a reference..this is about 19″ x 27″ ..usually, my work is an A4 size or under.

How tremendously rich and fulfilling my life has been (and still is) as a mother and wife. Quite the opposite, to the often narrow portrayals promoted in media and in general worldviews. I have a happy home, a lovely husband who is also a wonderful dad to our kids. I thank God for all of it – my motherhood journey (and all of my life) could have been very different…..

These days, there’s still plenty of hugs, and I’m the one feeling small –  all of our sons are over 6ft tall! They’ve grown into fine young gentlemen; but in someways they stay, always my babies. 🙂 Hmm, don’t know if they quite get that – yet; they will when they have babies of their own.

I’ve rarely had time (and still don’t, that’s fine; family life comes first) to exhibit or share my art and words; so it’s kind of nice to be able to do so here. Thank you for viewing all of this.

Have a great day!