Some of My Sketches, Paintings, Linocut Prints – from Home.

Mother an baby painting
Watercolour illustration from my “Mother as Writer” handmade book.

These works are on view in various places at home. I did most of them during the busy years, of bringing up a family. Some sketches live on a special part of a wall, in a room where I have a desk and filing cabinet, among other things… There are a few illustrations from my small hand made books – which are formed from some of my longish poems. Some I managed, quite a few years back, (amid a household of boisterous boys) to complete and sell locally. Some pics were used on cards that I made. I still enjoy making cards.

The two paintings (acrylic) are large works for me; over A3 size, and hang in the back loungeroom. Happy memories of when we lived on our (Aussie) bush block. We still own these few hundred acres, (sold some) but as our family grew, we moved into our little local town – ah, electricity again! *Just touch on a pic below, to enlarge them all. 

My blog is as much about sharing, and hopefully encouraging others in their creative pursuits, (and visa versa) as it is about me keeping an online record – a sort of journal. Which, in one way or another I’ve done so, over the years – on paper, or scraps of paper – sometimes on the back of the kid’s school newsletters, and envelopes! *Just touch on a pic, to enlarge them all. 

When the day comes to turn my blog into a (paper) book (not a purchasable one, though maybe some of it may polish up for that!) I do want these snippets included. Who knows, my blog book may turn into an odd kind of family heirloom, and I don’t want these important parts of it left out. This outing should also quiet the rumblings from the filing cabinet, which you can read about in my poem called, “Rough Draft Rumblings”, which is towards the bottom of this recent post. *Just touch on a pic, to enlarge them all.

I’ll share these types of snippets again; and more of my illustrated poems – haiku. Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board, iPad screen, or whatever…..when the kids were younger, it would more likely have been, back to the washing machine!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend!

A P.S Note… I’ll be back here late October (with my 100th post!). 🙂 Busy with various art projects… Meanwhile you are welcome to visit me at my facebook artist page, where I’ll continue to share some art updates.

Trying out a Facebook Embed, from My Facebook Page

Within the ever helpful WordPress tutorials, I happened upon a way to embed my facebook posts. I do have a facebook widget, and I do use “publicise” to send my posts from here, to there. However, I didn’t realise, I could imbed a post from there to here; and at such a good pixel size. *However, the embed. Pic, doesn’t show in the WordPress reader, just the code. 

In a previous post I shared about a grand plan to publish more (short) posts on facebook: because it was quicker – wanting to save time, as always! – and (supposedly) to reach a wider, audience….and then rounding them up here for a longer post, occasionally…and so on…and on..

That hasn’t worked as I thought it would; not a time-saver as I’d hoped. Also, with facebooks new algorithms, it seems unless I pay for my page to be promoted – which isn’t about to happen! – facebook severely limits the distribution of my posts. I’ll persevere with facebook – for now… Instagram seems a good place to share art, but it’s now owned by facebook, don’t know if I’ll bother with it.

I do like mucking about with, links, widgets and such like… Learnt a lot more about these wondrous things, when I managed recently to put on a new static front page/door to my site. I enjoy occasionally updating my site’s gallery entrance, rearranging the furniture, sweeping the porch, putting out fresh flowers….There’s lots of links there, (pretty rosy pink ones, which come with this WordPress theme) to make my site easy to travel around.  I do all this on the iPad I rarely use a computer.

Way back, during my study days: a pen and paper were my constant companions, with my electric typewriter – loved that quick erase button – being the height of my techno tools!
Lastly, but most importantly, thankful to God, in all things…..

Pencil, Charcoal, Paint…in “Art Set Pro” – and a P.S. Note…

Drawing of bowls and lemons

With my finger, on the iPad screen – built this up, much like I’d do with pencil on paper. Mostly drawn, from my imagination…though I always see plenty of dishes…around here!

P.S Note

Since blogging here I’ve used the handy “publicise” option, in WordPress, to send my posts to my “facebook artist page”, or “fan” page as it is often called – a term I don’t much like, or that word “followers”. I’ll now, also, share some quick short posts, works in progress, etc….to my “page”, in between, posting here at my blog. I’ve shared a bit about my blog aims, for this year, in an earlier post. I’ll occasionally, round up some of these facebook posts, and post them on my blog. I’ll still use “publicise” for some of my WordPress posts, particularly for the longer ones.

Not that keen on many things about facebook, though having a page on there (which I had, before I began my blog) has it’s merits.

*Since writing this (rather complicated!) post above, I have shared in a following post, that facebook has changed the  facebook algorithm for news feeds. So this takes the fizz, out of my above plans! Will mostly keep to using the WordPress “publicise” option after all. *Not sure about using instagram. 

I’ve gathered all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs….read that somewhere. I’ve put on a static front page (which I can, rearrange now and then, good fun), and so it reads more as a website… I think… 😉

Enough of my meanderings! Thank you for your attention, mind you, I can understand, if you dozed off along the way…Hmm…it’s a good idea to be concise…oh well.
Have a great day!