Some Of My iPad Art and About iPad Art Printing

Black ink face drawing
Painted this in the lovely “Zen Brush 2” app. I use my finger to paint and draw on the screen, rather than a stylus.

I have drawn and painted quite a few “faces” in recent weeks. I used a range of media provided, in these amazing art apps.  They look much like works I do on paper and canvas.

It’s so handy drawing and and painting this way. No set up of materials; I just flip open the iPad lid, and off I go. I get a lot more; sketching, experimenting and artworks completed, in a shorter space of time. Helpful, when time is sometimes difficult to find for my art and writing.

And the more you do, the better, to see where you are going!

Another sepia face drawing
I drew this with oil pastel and a bit of coloured pencil and smudge tools, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Much of the fun, when writing and drawing, is in the process, even when the end result is not always successful..

From iPad to Print.

I’ve exhibited my artwork (on paper and canvas) only a handful of times over the years. As well, as sharing some of it in the form of handmade books of illustrated poems.

I plan to exhibit my art again, at some stage. I also hope to print more of my illustrated poems, and turn a collection of them into and ebook, using a wonderful app called “Book Creator”.

Late last year I had an exhibition of my iPad art prints in our local cafe. It went well. There’s more information about it on my page, “About Some Art Apps, Other Apps and My Books”.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with printing up my iPad art: as laser prints; on my home printer and more recently as giclee prints, via uploading them from my iPad, to a printer:

Soft face 2
Paint, conte pastel and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

The prints are excellent and reasonably priced.  I’m glad to have found this printing company, as “giclee” prints seem to be the requirement for exhibiting in a gallery and are a more acceptable print in terms of archival qualities. *Update: now I’m able to print great quality prints at home; and these will serve well for any future exhibitions. 

Before uploading my art to the Printers I mentioned above, via the photo section of the iPad, I place a white border around them. To do this I had to put the border on the artwork before putting it into “iPhotos”: I often use a page in the Book Creator app, to do this.

I use the “Pages” app to put borders on my art, before I email them as pdfs to my local “officechoice” store, for laser printing and for printing at home. They are printed on archival gloss paper and look great!

Eggs in a red bowl
Playing about with the lovely greys and reds in “Zen Brush 2” app.  I love swishing the ink around in this app; hmm, not all that happy with this painting. Need to get to know more about the various effects of this ink, as with any new media. Well, that’s my excuse! 🙂
Pencil, colour wash drawing
Paint, graphite pencil, texta, smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

To enlarge all, please touch on one of the pics below.

Pencil drawing of woman standing
Used pencil and wax crayon in”Art Set Pro” app.
Charcoal face
The lovely charcoal in “Art Set Pro”.
A green plant
I used paint, pencil, wax crayon in “Art Set Pro”, on a brown paper surface.
Face of woman looking up
Painted this on a brown paper surface and used smudge tools, in “Art Set Pro”. Had difficulty in getting the right expression; looks a little too serious.

Blogging (among many other great things) has also helped me: sort out my art, try out ideas, organize and develop and plan some of my arty adventures. And I plan to keep posting here fornightly; more often when time permits! I also pray and try to follow God’s lead in all I do. A comfort and a blessing.

So God willing, I’ll get time to do all that I want to do…whatever happens, I’m thankful.

Hope you have a happy, creative and blessed weekend.

Flowers in An Orange Vase – Painted on My iPad

Flowers in an orange vase
A quick work ; turned out ok – pleased how it looks in print.

It’s often fun to draw and paint quickly; and a necessity when I was busy with little kids!

  1.  A quick zap about in the “Zen Brush” app – using the rich black ink . *I use my finger, rather than a stylus.
  2.  Then, took the pic into “Bamboo Paper” for a wash of colour.
  3.  Followed with a visit to “Art Set Pro”, where I splashed on a bit more colour; and where
  4. next, I whirled around it, with the thin smudge stick.

A fun flowery flight from start to finish.

Have a great weekend!

iPad drawings in charcoal, mixed media: thoughts on art apps; and some links.

Face 18
The charcoal in “Art Set Pro” is quite amazing. For this drawing I imported in a paper surface from the “Bamboo Paper” app. It’s just a bit whiter than the one in “Art Set Pro”..though I do often use that one, as well.  There’s a lot of  different  paper colours and textures to choose from in “Art Set Pro”.

A bit more about the “Art Set Pro” app.

This past week I tried out more of the media in the “Art Set Pro” app. I’ve spent a while using the paints and oil pastels and a bit of crayon, pencil…. in this app; but I’ve hardly (mainly due to lack of time) “touched” on – quite the appropriate word – all the other media it offers. I’ve also used the “Bamboo Paper” app, a little more lately. I enjoy the “feel” of it’s media, however I’d enjoy it even more, if it also supplied smudge tools.

These tools (aside from the incredibly naturalistic media) are what sets “Art Set Pro” apart from other art apps. They are just so handy, and replicate much of what I use when I draw or paint, on paper and canvas.

*On the captions under the artworks, I write more about the media and processes I use.

Face 19
Hmm, a rather glum expression, though does show the marker pens, lovely grey paper, charcoal and the white conte pastel, in the Art Set Pro app.

In the app store I wrote a review, stating the excellence of “Art Set Pro” and gave it the highest rating.

The charcoal in “Art Set Pro” is (so far) the only one I’ve found in an art app, that accurately offers the “feel” and look of this particular drawing media. To the point, I sometimes, while pushing and smudging it with my finger (don’t like to use a stylus) I stop to wipe my hands – at least momentarily!

Bowl on table
What a lovely paper this is! Charcoal shows up so well on it, and love the way the white conte pastel looks on it’s grainy surface. I used the smudge tools, as well. All drawn in “Art Set Pro”.

Art apps can be a valuable addition, to the traditional media and tools that artists already use. The advantage of using an iPad (or an android art app) is you don’t need any previous skills in computer or digital art – it’s simple and straightforward.

Someone looking at the moon
A quick sketch using: marker pens, oil pastels, charcoal, a thin paint wash smudge tools in”Art Set Pro”.
Lemon in bowl
The one on the top left I began in “Bamboo Paper” app.  Added more colour the top right. Then bottom, left, added little more watercolour again and put in the line at the back; a compositional element which makes the bowl look as if it’s sitting on a  flat surface. The last one on the bottom right, has been imported into, “Art Set Pro” , where I use those great smudge tools . Also added bit of graphite pencil under the lemon and the bowl. 
A lemon in a bowl
A quick drawing in “Art Set Pro”. Used thin paint washes, ink pen, smudge tools, graphite pencil.

You can read a few more thoughts on these matters at the top (of my rather long) page, “About Some Art apps,Other apps and My Books” and in my post, “Drew it On My iPad; I Drew it not App.”.

Links to some other artists using art apps

Athursdayschild – all her artwork is beautiful; she paints lovely faces and is also a writer.
Portfoliolongo  Great artwork, woodwork and very funny cartoons; he is also a very talented muscian as well!
Daily Wip “Works in Progress” by Tracy Bezesky  Lovely works in acrylic, oils, watercolour, pastels..some work in clay; and also creates amazing animations; and uses the “Art Set Pro” app.

To finish, a few words on the “Scanner Pro” app.

Woman, baby and toddler.
A pencil and watercolour, I did on paper, quite a fews years back. Scanned from a colour copy version I had . Needs a bit of a touch up on the left…”Scanner Pro” is so handy.

To the right is a scan I did of one of my watercolours (it was actually a colour copy version) on paper. I just held the iPad near it while it was on the wall, as I just quickly wanted to show a friend how easy it was to use my iPad and the “Scanner Pro” app. It turned out better than I thought; given that it wasn’t in a very good light.

I often print my iPad art, and recently printed an picture onto matt paper instead of gloss. It gave it a lovely natural finish, and a great surface to add more media to. Then if you want, you can rescan it; add more media in an art app; print it again…..and so on..endless! And lots of fun!

Have a great day. 🙂


Holiday Sketches using: Ink Pen, Pencil, Paint… in iPad Art Apps.

Whenever we are going to be away on a family holiday (a rare thing, as I so much love to be at home), I usually take: sketchbooks, pens, pencils…watercolours; a jar of water. This time I just tucked my iPad – my handy little art studio – into a bag and off we went, well, that is after squeezing numerous other things into the car!

Moonlight on the sea
I used the conte pastel in the “Art Set Pro” app. I smudged it all over using the tissue and two thin smudge tools.

It’s autumn here (in Australia). It’s cooling down a bit; however, where we went, up the coast (near Queensland, to see one of our sons), the weather is a lot warmer – almost tropical.

Unfortunately, I came down with a cold on the first day of our long drive there; and by the time we got there the next day, I didn’t feel good at all. Nevertheless, over the course of the week, I managed to have a great time; even though all the yummy food I ate tasted like cardboard and I couldn’t smell the sea air!

In the first few days, I lay down on the bed a fair bit, feeling quite unwell. However, apart from a cough and sneeze occaisonally, it really was quite lovely: I had a great view of the sea; the sound of the lapping waves was very relaxing; and with my iPad, I had paints at my fingertips! So, between cups of tea, a snooze or two, and a bit of reading; I did a few paintings of the sea – one I shared (a haiku and haiga) in my previous post. Hmm, that’s what I call a holiday.

Stormy seas
I used paint and smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Seaside view
I used paint and smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app. There are some aspects I like about this picture, however I don’t think it’s a very interesting composition.

Drawings of Some Interior Scenes

I quite like drawing crumpled up clothing, or clothes draped over something – I see a lot of that at home. Similar scenes caught my eye in the apartment bedroom. I had a bit of a sketch with ink pens and wash and oil pastels… with no worries of water or paint spilling onto the bed.

Hat, bag and clothes on a hook
Used ink pen, pencil, washes of thin black paint and smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app. I like the texture of this paper.
Draped clothing
I drew this in the “Bamboo Paper” app, using pencil and watercolour wash.
Clothes over chair
I used oil pastel, graphite pencil, paint and smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Face Drawings

There was of course the inevitable faces that I draw. Don’t know why they look so serious and glum, certainly was not how I felt. Well, maybe a little off at times because of my cold!

Face 17
I sketched this, using a thin brush and paint in the “Art Set Pro” app. Also a bit of pencil and I smudged it a little.
Face 16
A quick sketch in the “Bamboo Paper” app, using the ink pen and watercolour.

And to Finish; Some Flowers.

Since returning home (still with an inkling of a cold), I painted these flowers from a holiday snap I took on my phone. I painted it quickly, before the picture faded out and I’d have to refresh it. I may print the photo, and try to do a painting from it again. Not that pleased with it; some odd leaf shapes happening in the background, but I do love the blue paper and bright colours.

Holiday flowers
I used a lovely blue paper it the “Art Set Pro” app. It helped bring out my paint colours and I allowed it to show through as an added unifying effect.

It was a much needed holiday, but it’s always good to be back home. I did eventually get to walk on the beach and do some things with the family. I’m thankful to God for whatever comes my way; in both good and not so good times – this was a particularly good time!

I enjoyed painting the seascapes, yet always find: some sizzling colours, gorgeous lines, bold shapes to draw and paint at home; even if it’s just when I’m hanging out the washing. 🙂

Have a lovely day.

P.s. Really enjoy all the great blogs I follow and visit; and your lovely posts coming through my WordPress reader. Thank you.

Pears Painted on My iPad – Haiku, Haiga, Word Play…

Three pears
This was painted in “Art Set Pro”. I used the smudge tools a fair bit; wanted the pears to look very smooth. I wrote the words in an app called “Phonto”.

In a previous post I mention, the wonderful colours and shapes, fruit and vegetables offer, as subject matter for a painting or drawing. One of the most popular, I think, is the humble pear. Such a simple form, yet it often takes centre stage in an art work.

I’ve certainly drawn many pears over the years.  I wonder why they are so appealing. Maybe their form suggests aspects of femininity or perhaps fertility. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular! Somewhere, I have a linocut print I did of me, very pregnant; I called it “Ripe”. I think round ripe fruit; pears in particular can be reminiscent of that lovely state..Well enough of all that – I reckon I just like drawing pears 🙂

I hesitate to call this following collection, haiku or haiga except for this first one, above. Really they are just word play, ideas…intended to weave together with the image to make a completed artwork. Not happy with all of them. However, I thought you may find it interesting to see some of the art processes possible with these apps, and also hope you find a few of the word plays a little amusing. *After I’d put together the two lots of collected drawings, below, using the “Pic Collage” app, I realized they may be a bit small to read. Sorry about that. However, for my blog, I use a responsive WordPress theme, so you can enlarge the pictures easily on small touch screens.

There’s more about the various language devices I use further along, but firstly a “Pear Parade”. Hmm, sounds like a good title for a book.

Four pear pictures
The top left one was begun in charcoal in “Art Set Pro” (which is the bigger drawing, below; third one up from the bottom). Then also in the “Art Set Pro” app, I added  ink pen and graphite pencil. The bottom right picture, is drawn in the “Zen Brush” app.
More pear pictures
This “Zen Brush” brush drawing worked well as a tonal underdrawing for the colour washes I placed on top. I wrote the words over and around the pear in “TypeDrawing”, not in “Phonto” as I say above. A very handy app for this type of work.
Pears in a bowl
Used charcoal and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.  For the text, used the “TypeDrawing” app.
Pared pears
A painting in “Art Set Pro”, that at first, didn’t turn out, very well. However, I cropped it severely to get a better composition and refocused on the lights and darks and managed to rescue it, but only just! Text written in the “TypeDrawing” app.
Perfect company pears
I did this in “Art Set Pro” app, using the paint thickly and trying to keep it nice and loose! Used the smudge tools, as well.

I share a bit more about the apps I’ve mentioned, on my page, “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.

Poetic devices

The poetic device, “personification” is the dominant feature in this collection: a fun way to play around with words and ideas, by giving human thoughts and feelings to an inanimate object – in this case a piece of fruit! I see it as cartooning with words. I use this technique quite often in my haiku and other poems I write. However, I usually do the accompanying illustrations in a realistic manner, rather than as a cartoon drawing.

When you personify something whether in words or pictures, it can allow you to touch on more serious human conditions and concerns, and give them voice – in a playful way. This can give the writer or the reader a chance to smile about it, even if it’s just momentarily – which surely is a good thing!

Other poetic devices I’ve used in these word plays are assonance: the repetition of middle word sounds and alliteration: the repetition of beginning word sounds. Also a bit of rhyme.

Poetry can be a great way to encourage kids and adults to write; and to learn about homonyms: (or to spell it out, excuse the pun) words that have different meanings, but the same or similar spelling and sounds. When I wrote the pear sounding words, I was tempted to spell them incorrectly, for fun, but I couldn’t pear, I mean bare it.

If you think of any other word plays about pears…or some other fruit or inanimate object, feel free to share them in the comments… I won’t pinch them to put with a picture; pe(a)rish the thought!
Have a great day!