About My Traditional and iPad Art for Sale

Presently, I sell my traditional and iPad art in my local area; and have some of my iPad Art on my Red Bubble shop – an online “print on demand”shop. *More about this below.

By the middle of (2018) I plan to have some of my art in: watercolours, pencil, acrylic, mixed media… and also my iPad art prints available via this page. Some may be a mix of traditional and iPad media, within the same image. I work with artist quality art media, in both my traditional artworks and iPad art; and aim to offer affordable artworks, without forgoing quality.

A Note about my iPad Art Prints and Art Cards

It’s rewarding to be able to take many of my iPad drawings and paintings personally into their ”physical” home. I print them with archival pigment inks, onto excellent quality (acid free) eco friendly paper,  on my inkjet printer. These are sold as  “open” not “limited” edition prints. I also scan, prepare and make “reproductive” prints of some of my art in traditional media. *More information on my “Printing iPad Art” page.

To give my prints an attractive presentation, and for easy framing, I print them with a border – this varies in size according to the aspect ratio of the artwork.

A small selection of my art, I print as A6 size art cards, and note-let sets. For packaging I use biodegradable cellophane bags.

A Note about my Art Frames
In my local area, I have some of my art in attractive, cost-effective frames; ideal for short term (possibly quite a few years) display of the art work.
However, to further the archival qualities of the various art media I use, you may wish to reframe the artwork with a conservation type of framing.

The iPad has become quite a handy multi-purpose device. I put together my Red Bubble shop using my iPad and various apps – also built this website on it. I rarely use a computer. More about apps I use on my page “About Some Art Apps, other Apps, and My Books”.

imageI enjoy seeing some of my iPad art printed on practical things at RedBubble – as seen above. Below are a few more of my works there. *To enlarge the images please tap on a pic.

To a certain extent, Red Bubble is a handy option for selling my iPad art. As well, I can buy some of the products for: myself; to sell locally; and set some to private viewing and printing – some of which can be used for personalised gifts.

If you are interested to set up your ownonline shop, this following link to RedBubble has some relevant info.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 

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