About My Art for Sale

I have some of my art for sale in my local area; and have some of my iPad Art on my Red Bubble shop – an online “print on demand”shop. *More about this further along.

In the second half of this year (2018) I plan to set up a small shop on this page, and have some of my iPad art prints, and reproductive art prints available for purchase. Along with a few of my original drawings and watercolours.

These are (will be) available as “open” rather than “limited” edition prints. Yet, somewhat “limited”, as they are the only ones I prepare and print myself – and are signed.

I print them with Epson archival pigment inkand eco friendly (acid free) mat paper, on my inkjet printer.

If you are interested in any of my artworks on my site, and would like to purchase one of them as a print on A4 size paper, you are welcome to make an inquiry via my “Contact” page.

The price for an art print on A4 size paper is $18 (AUD). Prices vary for an art print where I’ve worked further on the print with art media, and for my other works.

For easy framing, and an attractive presentation, I print my art with a small white border – this varies in size according to the aspect ratio of the artwork. *More information about my iPad art prints, and “reproductive” art prints, on my page, “Printing iPad Art”.  

I enjoy all the creative processes required to make a successful fine art print. Also, printing them myself lowers the production costs, and allows me to offer affordable artworks, without forgoing quality.

The iPad has become a handy multi-purpose device for many of my creative projects. I put together my Red Bubble shop using my iPad and various apps – also built this website on it. I rarely use a computer. More about apps I use on my page “About Some Art Apps, other Apps, and My Books”.

imageAs well as art prints, I enjoy seeing some of my iPad art printed on practical things (as seen above) – which are available through my RedBubble shop.

To a certain extent, Red Bubble is a handy option for selling some of my iPad art. As well, I can buy products for: myself; to sell locally; and set some to private viewing and printing – which can be handy for personalised gifts.

If you are interested to set up your own online shop, this following link to RedBubble has some relevant info.

Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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