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About My iPad Art, and Traditional Art for Sale

I’m now able to print much of my iPad art at home, with high quality in: colour, tone and durability. It’s great to be able to take my iPad drawings and paintings personally through to their “physical” print home. Also it gives me immediate access to apply, and experiment with traditional media on some of my prints – which I’m really enjoying!

Hopefully towards the end of 2017 I’ll have some of my iPad art (along with a selection of my art in traditional media) available for purchase via this page. Already I have work available in my local area. *Many of my artworks for sale will have featured in my blog posts – I’ll display some on portfolio pages soon.

Importantly, I aim to produce artworks which are of good quality, whether in traditional, or iPad art media; and to offer them at reasonable and affordable prices.

I also have a small portion of my iPad art for sale in my online shop, “RedBubble” a “print on demand” store.

*More info about my iPad art prints on the page “Printing iPad Art”. If you have any questions or enquiries, you are welcome to contact me via my Facebook Artist Page.

The iPad has become quite a handy multi – purpose device. I put together my online shop using my iPad and various apps (also built this website on it). I rarely use a computer. More info about apps I use on my page “About Some Art Apps, other Apps, and My Books”.


I enjoy seeing some of my iPad art printed on practical things at RedBubble – as seen above. Below, is a small selection of my artworks presently available at my RedBubble shop. *To enlarge the images please tap on a pic.



To a certain extent, a “RedBubble”  shop is a handy option for selling my iPad art. As well, I can buy some of the products for: myself; to sell locally; and set some to private viewing and printing – some of which can be used for personalised gifts.

If you are interested to set up your own online shop, this following link to RedBubble has some relevant info.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 

© 2017 Janette Leeds All rights reserved.

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