Designing, Printing, and Making Cards with My Art

Dog painting

Began with watercolour on Cold Pressed, 300gsm Arches watercolour paper. Then dabbed freehand with my finger, some art app media, in the Procreate app.

This is Bob one of our dogs – Jack Russels – sitting on the couch. Probably hoping to hear those favourite words, “want to go for a walk”.  Below is our other dog called Seth….sleeping – they do a lot of that, as they are both getting on in years. I worked from some quick sketches, and managed a photo of Bob before he moved. In both images I’ve worked on them further in the “Procreate” app.

Sleeping dog
This began as a small graphite pencil sketch on paper, then I took it into “Procreate” and added some colour freehand, with the “artist crayon”.

I decided to print and make cards from the artwork; adding to a growing selection of images I use when producing my cards. *More info of the processes under the pics.

I arrange the image onto a template in the “Pages” app, and also place some words on the back. I arrange some words and tiny pics for the back of the card in an app called “Book Creator”. Then bring the finished design into “Pages”.

Before printing my art (and taking them into “Pages”) I make some colour and tonal adjustments to the images, in the Photo section of my iPad. Over time I’ve learnt how the image on the screen needs to look to make a good print; also I take into consideration the paper I choose to print on. I’ve discovered the paper I use, will have a huge impact on how well the print turns out. For my cards I use Canson 220 drawing paper. It has a lovely texture and weight for cards – and for larger prints.

Back of a card
Though it may be difficult to read here, you can probably see I mention using eco friendly paper and packaging for my cards.
Dog cards
Below the cards are “bizzo” cards, as I call my home made business cards. I place the images of them (the words have already been put on them in the Phonto app) into “Pages”, then print them onto a smooth 270gsm Strathmore Bristol paper. Then cut them out with my guillotine.

I have these for sale in my local area, and have some of my art available as art prints, and on various items, in my Red Bubble shop, here.

Really enjoy the many creative opportunitys available with using an iPad (don’t use a computer). Thankful†

Thanks for viewing my work – enjoy your weekend!

Printing iPad Art (an excerpt from my new page)

Art Print
Some of my iPad art prints. Better not leave them piled up like this for long, could damage them.

*This post is an excerpt, from a new page of the same title, I’ve just added it to my blog.

Pre – Ramble – I mean Amble. 

In these past two or so years; after much experimenting with iPad art, I can see, this will continue to be a large part of how I draw and paint.

I’ve recorded here some of my research, thoughts and experiences, in the field of digital printing. Some of which, I’ve already posted a little about. Sharing information, about iPad art and digital printing, can only be a good thing; as it seems there’s (though it’s changing) a lot of misconceptions – often negative ones – about both these areas. Following are points I look at:

  • making prints of works on paper.
  • Differences between iPad art “original prints” and “reproduction prints”.
  • About giclee/inkjet printing – some links about open and limited print editions.
  • About prints I make at home.
  • Art for all

I’m learning as I go along; and as I’m no expert in these matters, I do recommend you read, the links I’ve

Laser prints
A couple of laser prints

sprinkled throughout this page, as they expand on some of the points I make. *I don’t necessarily, agree with all viewpoints, on these linked websites.
If you have some information you’d like to share, the comment section for this page, is open at my blog.

I’ll keep this page updated, with any info and links I find helpful; and hope it will also be a help to you.

Making Prints of Works on Paper 

Over the years, I’ve often used a colour copier/printer to scan and make “reproduction” prints of my watercolours, ink pen, and pencil works.

Please see my page, to read more… Thank you

Psalm 9:6, A Thank You and a Bit About my Blogging Break

Merry Christmas picture

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”
Isaiah 9:6 KJV

Thank you for all the views, follows and likes, of my posts, at my blog and my Facebook artist page, during this past year – much appreciated! I’m having a bit of a blogging break now. I’ll be back posting again, by about the middle of February.

Hope to get time over the summer holiday season to do lots of drawing, painting, writing and some printing – and just kick back a bit with family and friends at home. Home is just about the best place to be, and to have a holiday – even with the inevitable household duties. 🙂

All the best and hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Some Drawings…Blog Changes and Why (Most of the Time) I’m Turning Post Comments Off

Still life with pear
I used: charcoal, paint, oil pastel, smudge tools; in the “Art Set Pro” app.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Blog Changes

I have just changed from my “Adelle” WordPress theme, to another responsive theme called, “Sketch”. It allows me to show pics at a larger size and gives a nice clean look around them. I changed my header too and added my name to the blog title. When I built my blog (on my iPad) I had lots of fun looking through heaps of themes and trying out a few. Quite pleased with how this one has turned out.

Below are a few links to fellow bloggers, whose art I love – who sell their work online.

Sand Salt Moon – and Society6 shop

Portfoliolongo – and RedBubble shop

An experiment – and

I’m glad that I’ve had time in these past 10 months of posting, to lay down some foundational posts – generally following my aims on my “About” page.

Why I’m Turning Post Comments Off  (At least, most of the time.)

Like other bloggers have mentioned, finding time to do posts, can be difficult; and cut into time doing the creative work you want to do and share! A dilemma – especially if you enjoy blogging; which I do.

I’ll continue to share my art and words here – about every two to three weeks, and more often if time permits. But to allow more time to do this, after some pondering and prayer, I’ve decided to not have comments on for many of my posts.  Also, most of my posts won’t be as long, as previous posts.

I have appreciated and enjoyed exchanging comments with many friendly fellow bloggers. So thank you for all your lovely words, and kind comments. They have been quite positive, and often helpful and insightful. I didn’t really reckon on having so many comments, so it’s been kinda nice. For anyone starting a blog I would recommend having comments. It’s a rewarding experience and it may well suit the type of blog you want to have – and indeed is the usual practice for a blog!

Ferns in a vase
This is a lovely paper surface in the “Art Set Pro” app. Used: charcoal, conte crayon, smudge tools.

However, I don’t think my blog posts require comments for me to share my art and words, in a meaningful way. Also apart from time-wise, I find it sometimes emotionally difficult to keep up with so much social interaction..wanting to say the suitable response and try to be helpful and all that;
I do try not to be anxious about this.

“In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6 WEB

Until I began drawing and painting on my iPad I rarely ventured into the online world; it’s certainly a busy place! Apart from family and the occasional cup of tea with a friend, I really don’t like to socialise much at all.

Primarily, looking after family and my home, are how I spend my days… My art and words fit in around all of this (which is fine). In the past few years, I have a little more time for my art projects.

I hope you’ll still drop by and “like” some of my posts. Though I may not have time to leave a comment on your posts, I’ll still be looking at them – I love to do that. You’ll know I’ve been there, because my “daisies” gravatar will be there when I “like” your post.

You can also find me via my facebook page Janette Leeds Artist.  Although I’m not that keen on some aspects of facebook; it is another place to share my art and words. My blog posts are sent to facebook, by using the very handy “publicise” option on WordPress. I usually just don’t have time to do a separate post for there!

Woman's face
I used: paint, charcoal, smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Is a blog without comments, really a blog… I saw a sentence like that on the internet, while I was pondering on these matters. I think it is…hmm, but perhaps, leaning towards being more like a website.

I have gathered, some people think it’s imperative to have comments. But I’ve never been much perturbed or deterred by what other people think – particularly as I get older.

I wonder how I’ll go with writing shorter posts, this one is pretty long! However, I did want to explain a few things instead of abruptly flicking the off switch!

In a couple of days after publishing this post, I’ll turn the post comments off.  Whether, I’ll ever turn that option on again, as a regular thing, not sure.. it’s mostly is a time issue, so I’ll see how it goes. I feel a tinge of sadness about this, but opportunity for some contact is still there – on my facebook page, and as mentioned, comments are on for a couple of my pages. I do hope this will free up more time, so I can continue to share, my art and words here, in the blogosphere.

All the best and happy: drawing, painting, writing, blogging…gardening.. I quite enjoy gardening, when I get time for it! Have a great day. 🙂

Welcome to My Blog.


Hi, great to have you here. This is my first post, well, the first one set to public viewing. I’ve been busy getting it all ready and glad to be now able to share my art and words with you here, on my blog. A focus of my blog will be my iPad art. But, also I’ll share with you my artworks I do on paper and sometimes on canvas; and my poems…haiku and illustrations.

I’ve found some lovely art apps, with amazing mark making properties. I just tap to access: paint, oil pastel, pencil…and more. With my finger (rarely use a stylus) I sketch down lines, lay down paint; use tone and colour, and create artworks very similar in look and style to my works I do on paper and canvas.

I’m no techno whizz, so I was glad to find apps, that are very straightforward, and easy to use.  I talk more about these apps on my page, “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.  Among all of this, you’ll find plenty of drawing and writing tips:(more on my writing further along) most of them also apply to works on paper, canvas or an iPad. Below is a selection of my iPad art to show the different media and styles I like to work in.*I often put more information on image captions about the art apps used.

A selection of iPad art
This is a selection of my iPad art, I put together to show,  some of the styles and media I like to work in. The top, picture with “Mother as Writer” on it, is my cover to the handmade book, I did quite a few years ago. I did it line and watercolour, on paper.

Drawing is a learnable skill

One, very important reason I want to have a blog (such a odd sounding word) is to help and encourage people (myself too) in their own art and writing adventures.

I’m always keen to help people learn to draw (my formal qualifications are on my “About” page) If you don’t have an iPad, a simple pencil and paper are fine for trying out some of my drawing tips and ideas; and to produce a finished drawing. As much as I love my new found art apps, can anything really surpass: paper and pencil!

Drawing with poem
I wrote and drew this quickly, last year. I often have to work quickly, always plenty of other work to be done here at home! Used the pencil in the “Tayasui Sketches” app. Put it all together in “Book Creator”.

There are slideshows and short videos on my blog, which I put together to demonstrate my drawing processes and various artworks. There is a way to “look” and “see” which is vital to being able to draw well: a very learnable skill. I’m passionate on these matters, and they will certainly come up in my posts..better move on before I write a short novel about drawing!

About my Writing

I write poems and illustrate them and as with my art, have become quite adept at fitting it all in between a hectic family life . As a mum of four boys (young men now); it’s not always been easy to do. My lovely husband, is also a great dad, which helps a lot.

In  “Write and Draw on the Run: the Way to Get it Done!”..I talk about how my words and pictures often unfold or perhaps –  unravel! My home-life inspires me, and is a common theme in my art and words.

Mother and child
I painted this with watercolour over ink pen line, quite a while back. Scanned it in from a photocopy, using the “Scanner Pro” app. Filed the original away somewhere! I’ve used my copier a lot, over the years, mostly for making handmade books and cards.

My poems, are prone to turn into handmade books, such as “Mother as Writer”.

I love to write haiku.
I’m very fond of small poetic forms; hmm perhaps, not so obvious from this long introductory post 🙂 There’s more about my writing and about me, on my, “About” page, and “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”. Also a snippet about me on my home/blog page sidebar.

Cushion haiku
Watercolour and ink pen on paper. From my handmade book, “Poems from Home, A Collection of illustrated Haiku”.

The Online World, and Blog Building

Until about a year ago, I knew little about social media, and didn’t have a email address and rarely used the internet; things have certainly changed!

I enjoy posting my iPad art (and my work in traditional art media) and words, on my Facebook Artist page.

I’ve built my blog, using the WordPress app on my iPad. I’m not very computer savvy at all, and rarely use one; very impressed with WordPress: their web/blog themes and support.

Arranging and setting up my content for my blog, has been a hugely enjoyable experience. I’ve learnt about: widgets (sounds like insects!) image files, responsive themes, how to make a picture gallery and so on..Also how to put in links; which I use frequently – it makes for easier navigation around my posts and pages.

A keyboard is always attached to my iPad. Not only is it great for extended periods of writing on a screen, but also prevents the iPad keyboard, popping up, when I’m working in the dashboard of my blog, and arrange my art onto the “Pages” app. I use this app a lot; more information in “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.

My iPad, among other things is: an art studio, gallery, art journal, notebook, sketchbook and a portal to a vast web galaxy. It reminds me of the Tardis in Dr.Who. Recently, I sat looking at my iPad art on the walls of the local cafe, and then at my little mini iPad (an iPad Pro 10.5” now – 2018) on the cafe table; and marvelled, how such a large body of work, came from this small device. There is a photo of  some of my artwork on the cafe walls near the top of this page.

My Art on Practical Things

With my iPad art, (when I have time!) I make bookmarks, ( I love books) cards, place mats …First I set up my artworks in the “Pages” app; then they are laser printed; usually onto glossy paper. I use a matt laminate (which I particularly like) or sometimes gloss to laminate them. I sell them locally. Love to see my art on practical things, as well as on the wall – and of course, in books! 🙂 *Have since writing this, moved into printing more of my iPad art myself, and sometimes mixing traditional and iPad media in the same pic. 

Here are some free printable bookmarks for you – (approx x These are taken from larger works I did in The “Art Set Pro” app, then cropped, in “iPhotos”. It’s fun cropping work sometimes, and creating a whole new design from them.  They have my web address on them; sort of bookmarks for my blog. 🙂

*My blog title is now “Janette Leeds Art and Words”  and now my url is, “” which differs from on the book marks – though that web address should still get you to my site. 

They are for personal use only. If you share them with friends, please direct them here to down load some, thank you. I’ve arranged them on A4 paper (approx 29cm x 21cm) so you’ll need that size paper or card, to print them on. They print well on a home printer. Just tap on the title below to download.

welcome bookmarks

Daisies bookmarkGumleaves bookmark

Conclusion: but Really Just the Beginning

My plan is to post here, every two to three weeks – perhaps more often, when time permits. I’ll see how it all goes.
I give thanks to God, for this blogging opportunity (actually, for everything); and I intend to make the most of it.

A beginning, yet also a continuation; a record of what I always do: draw, write, paint….

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Have a great day!