Mother and Baby 1.A and Quick Video

Mother and Baby painting

I often draw and paint images of a mother and baby; as a mum of four boys (young men now) it’s probably not surprising. I do so many of them I’ve decided to begin giving each a number and letter as a title; which I also do now with my flower artworks. A bit of a melancholy look on her face; think it could well be tiredness!

I painted this with gouache, on acrylic painting paper. After I scanned it in with the Scanner Pro app, I softened some of the outer edges with the artist crayon in Procreate (hmm, a suitable name in this instance); and added a touch more media in places. You can see this in the video below.

It printed up well on the Epson Archival Matte paper. I love how it shows the texture of the paper. Sort of like the edge around the pic, but may try it with out it. I’ll remove it with the eraser set on the soft airbrush in the Procreate app. Hmm, may soften the line under the right eye…difficult to know when to finish sometimes!

Mother and Baby
I took a photo of the print (centred on A4 size paper) with the iPad camera, rather than with the Scanner Pro app. This gives a softer look and closer to how the print appears – though it is a tiny bit richer in colour than this.

Sometimes a scan is brighter in colour than the work on paper or canvas, which often I quite like; and informs me of changes I may like to make to the original.

My skills with scanning are improving. This enables me to quite easily make “reproductive” prints of some of my traditional media artworks. I also continue to experiment with beginning a work on paper/canvas, completing a large part of it in an art app; and sometimes adding more traditional art media on the print…and so on… And there’s some lovely inkjet papers that I’m trying out.

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More Faces – a Mix of Traditional and iPad Art App Media

Watercolour of a woman's face

As is usual, a favourite “go to” subject matter when experimenting with media, is to draw or paint a women’s face. I also employ a “face” as a way to convey a mood or emotion. They are mostly imaginary. Sometimes I can see a inkling of a likeness to me, though mostly a younger and prettier version! I say more about all of this on a post, called  “About Drawing Faces”. Below, are process pics for this one above. Further along is a gallery of more”faces”. Some I began on paper, then scanned them in with the “Scanner Pro” app – which I find more effective than taking a photo. Love the way the scanner, picked up the pretty nuances of the smooth “Arches” Watercolour paper. To enlarge all, please touch on one pic.

I often draw a “face” looking downwards, perhaps from looking down at my four boys over the years. Now I have to look up; they are all over 6 foot tall!.

I put a photo of me on my “About” page recently, where I’m looking down at my grand niece, though you can’t see her. Not keen on having my photo taken, they are scarce. I’ll get onto having more taken,  because I think the kid’s would appreciate it. Here’s a “link” if you wish to have a look – I know I like seeing photos of my fellow bloggers. 🙂 May replace it with clearer one – eventually.

A Few Drawing Points

When I’ve taught drawing, I always stress, the importance of learning to draw from keen observation – to draw what you “see”. If (or when) you choose to move away from this, these acquired skills can still help and inform your work. When drawing faces, whether imaginary or not, I often make the common mistakes: of placing the eyes too high, and the space between them too wide, and the space between the nose and lips too wide… But I “know” and can see when I do this, but I often “choose” to go with it – sometimes because I’ve put too much detail in, too soon – and don’t want to redo it!

Some of the expressions on these pics, are a bit serious and glum – unintentionally. *I draw and paint with my finger, on the iPad – rather than use a stylus. 

To enlarge them all, please touch on one pic.

Thank you for viewing my work; have a great day!

Some Recent ArtWorks, and a Bit About My Exhibition

Watercolour landscape
Whoosing around with the watercolour paint in the “UBrush Pro” app – an imaginary landscape. Hmm, will have to soften the top of the cloud on the right.

These are drawn and painted in a few different apps, and I did get to try out the oil pastel in the “UBrush Pro” app, which I mentioned in a previous post. More info with the pics, on the captions. Thought I’d place them into a gallery format, makes it easier to view them at a glance, and saves having to scroll down a long way. To take a closer look, just tap twice on one, to enlarge them all. 

Looking at my art in this gallery, and in the “Segue” gallery ( talk about this exhibition, further along) has helped me to better see where I’m going with media and subject matter, and changes I may make in both. Hmm, I could try turning the heads in a different direction!

*Drawn and painted with my finger, on the iPad.

Recently, I had an exhibition of some of my iPad art, along with a fellow artist – and her beautiful watercolours – at “Segue”; a local community art and craft venue.

It was a busy time, finishing off some works, printing them up here, at home; and placing them into some simple, but effective black A4 frames. I share about various aspects of printing and presenting iPad art, on a new page I recently added to my blog – “Printing iPad Art”. I’d show you a photo of the exhibit, but can’t find where it went to at the moment.. Anyway, you may well have seen most of the works. 🙂

I’ve dabbled with some traditional media on paper lately – will scan some in, and share them soon.

I displayed some without glass, using an acrylic gloss medium, overlaid with a uv satin varnish, to protect the print. Aside from liking the look of these types of finishes; it saves me having to fuss around with glass – not one of favourite jobs!

However I also love the look of a matt finish. Actually I print my iPad art onto a lovely matt paper, which beautifully picks up the colours and contrasts. So I searched around for a matt finish and found one online called “Timeless”.

I’ve tried it, and it’s pretty much invisible…just as they claimed. Lovely!

As the pigment ink in my printer, does not smudge or smear, (dries almost immediately) I can apply these finishes with a brush. No sprays wafting around, which is great. If the paper curls a bit once its dry, I just flatten it out between heavy books for a few hours. When I display them in a frame (without glass) this also flattens them out. I’ll experiment more (have tried this with with very small prints, there’s an example in the gallery, above) with using the medium/varnish to glue a print to a canvas backing – yet another way to present a print, and not muck about with glass, yay. Lots of experimenting lately – good fun!

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Trying Out Watercolour in the “ArtRage” App

Watercolour of women's face
A little too red on one side of the face, and on the neck! Just swishing the paint around and enjoying the “feel” of it.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

More of those “faces” I like to do.

In a revisit to the “ArtRage” app, I discovered there were more ways with watercolour, than I initially thought.

Unlike, “Art Set Pro”, which is so simple and straightforward to use, many art apps require more fiddling around with dials,( probably not quite the right word for this techno area) 🙂 and so forth, to discover what’s there.

Though with some experimenting, I often find there is much of value media wise, in many of the art apps I’ve tried. This does compensate for the time spent learning the ropes; and with a bit of practice, it does become much easier to just get on with drawing and painting! Still don’t like to use the layer system that some have – don’t see a need for it.

Watercolour of women's face
Lovely watery greys, with just a little orange and brown.
Watercolour of women"s face
Some more greys. I’ll certainly be trying out more of this watercolour aspect of “ArtRage”! So much fun!

Another app, which I love for it’s watercolour effects is “Auryn Ink”. The developers of this app seem dedicated to making it as much like using water and a brush, as is possible – and they have had amazing success so far. They are still looking to make further refinements As yet, I’ve only dabbled in it a little. I’ll share about it with you, when I get to try it out more.

I love the element of surprise in using watercolour. Of not always knowing how the colour will travel, or what the colours will do. It makes this medium, particularly appealing to me (and no doubt to many who use them). It’s surprising how well these art apps manage to emulate this aspect.

“Art Set Pro” doesn’t have a specific watercolour option, however, wiping the “sponge” in the app, over various media, gives some surprising watery effects. Also, when I thin out the paint, it gives a lovely wash look. These two elements, somewhat satisfy my watery requirements, when I work in this app.

In recent months, I’ve begun to use more of my traditional media – it’s been awhile! Perhaps, my pencils, pens, brushes… sighed with relief, as I picked them up again. I wrote them a poem, early on in my art app adventures, called ”Ode to My Pencils”.

I’m thankful for all the options I have both in art app and traditional media.

Hope you get to do some art this week, whether on iPad (android tablet), paper or canvas.

Quick Sketches, Drawn in the Art Set Pro App

*I use my finger to draw and paint on the iPad screen, rather than a stylus.

Some: faces, a still life, and a mother and baby drawing.

Mother and Baby Sketch
I used the wax crayons, sponge and graphite pencil. I haven’t used these crayons much…I really like them!
Face drawing
I used wax crayon and a bit of graphite pencil. Running the sponge over the wax crayon makes lovely watercolour type of wash.
Still life sketch
Rushed around with the wax crayon – a quick imaginary still life. Used the sponge and a touch of graphite pencil.
Sketch of a woman
Used the brown paper surface; and began with a wash of light paint in the face area. Then drew the face with charcoal…used paint and sponge.
Resting woman
Did a little more layering of colour, with the wax crayon in this one

Have a great weekend!