Leaves, Hills and Valleys – in Gouache and Watercolour

Landscape paintingPainted with gouache and a little watercolour, on Strathmore 300 gsm watercolour paper – 5” x 7”.

Day 10 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

I’m glad that gouache was an allowable part of this challenge. You can make lovely transparent washes with them, and also achieve a painterly look, similar to acrylics and oils. And like watercolour, they’re easy to clean up. I’ve been dabbling with gouache for a while, and keen to learn more.

For tackling a landscape, which I find particular difficult, I appreciate the opaque nature of gouache. I managed to brighten some mud I’d created, by adding in white gouache with watercolour, and with some vivid colours in my palette set of Caran d’Ache gouache.

I worked from a photo, imagination, and memory – mental observation notes I made while out walking with our dogs. I often struggle to bring seas of green bushes, diverse leaf shapes, and rolling hills into some kind of pleasing composition! The strong lines of tree trunks and branches are much easier to grasp… I think that’s why I’m happier with the landscape I did the other day. Much to learn! 🙂

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