Some of My Sketches, Paintings, Linocut Prints – from Home.

Mother an baby painting
The artwork above is a favourite page from my hand made “Mother as Writer” book, which sold well locally (lots of mothers could relate to the content) and I hope to self publish it again – one day. This pic is also on my “About” page, with also a few more from the book. I painted it with watercolours, over a photocopied pencil drawing. Apart from a colour cover, I ended up keeping the rest as simple linework – mainly due to time constraints! Hmm, the face is a little too pink…

These works are on view in various places at home. I did most of them during the busy years, of bringing up a family. Some sketches live on a special part of a wall, in a room where I have a desk and filing cabinet, among other things… There are a few illustrations from my small hand made books – which are formed from some of my longish poems. Some I’ve managed (amid a household of boisterous boys) to complete and sell locally – quite a few years back now. Some pics were used on cards that I made. I still enjoy making cards. The two paintings are large works for me, over A3 size, and hang in the back loungeroom. Happy memories of when we lived on our (Aussie) bush block. We still own these few hundred acres, (sold some) but as our family grew, we moved into our little local town – ah, electricity again! *Just touch on a pic below, to enlarge them all. 

My blog is as much about sharing, and hopefully encouraging others in their creative pursuits, (and visa versa) as it is about me keeping an online record – a sort of journal. Which, in one way or another I’ve done so, over the years – on paper, or scraps of paper – sometimes on the back of the kid’s school newsletters, and envelopes! *Just touch on a pic, to enlarge them all. 

When the day comes to turn my blog into a (paper) book (not a purchasable one, though maybe some of it may polish up for that!) I do want these snippets included. Who knows, my blog book may turn into an odd kind of family heirloom, and I don’t want these important parts of it left out. This outing should also quiet the rumblings from the filing cabinet, which you can read about in my poem called, “Rough Draft Rumblings”, which is towards the bottom of this recent post. *Just touch on a pic, to enlarge them all.

I’ll share these types of snippets again; and I still have more of my illustrated poems – haiku, I wish to place here. I also share my art and at least a few words, on my Facebook Page.  I put a feed from it, on the “front door” of my blog/website. Thankful to Jesus Christ, for my life, for everything. *Please excuse any fuzziness, in the pics that is 🙂 not used to having to scan in so many artworks. I most often use the “Scanner Pro” app, on the iPad; and sometimes the iPad camera.  Good on you, to those who do it all the time, a time consuming process!  I mostly share my iPad art here, (which in itself, takes enough time to do) and it’s relatively easy to scoot it over to my blog.  Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board, iPad screen, or whatever…..when the kids were younger, it would more likely have been, back to the washing machine!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend!

A P.S Note… I’ll be back here late October (with my 100th post!). 🙂 Busy with various art projects… Meanwhile you are welcome to visit me at my facebook artist page, where I’ll continue to share some art updates.

4 thoughts on “Some of My Sketches, Paintings, Linocut Prints – from Home.

  1. Love love all of your work and how you can use many mediums, the ink koala is wonderful and looks like an gorgeous illustration for your picture book. Very talented thanks for the inspiration Janette and keep on creating. My kitchen table is my studio and my kids are in their teens so I create around the chaos that is life. Would be lost without my art. Have a great day.

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    1. A lovely comment, thank you! My youngest is 19 – still plenty of comings and goings, even as they get older – which is great. 🙂 My kitchen table is also often my studio, along with a couple of little “stable” tables, (those ones, which are cushioned underneath) and easily perch on my lap.
      My little arty room, is really too little to work in… I do like to experiment with different mediums, with a soft spot for, ink line and wash, watercolours, pencils, water-soluble oil pastels… For that koala, I think I used black fine liner pen, which runs a bit when you add water, and perhaps a little, wash of black watercolour…hard to remember.
      Having fun lately, starting with works on paper, then finishing them in an art app – they print up well. Enjoyed having another look around your blog today – you do beautiful work; I think your daughter is talented, like her mother! Always a challenge, (but a good one) fitting our art in around family life – looks like you are managing exceedingly well. 🙂 Hope you also have a great day!

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