Pencil, Charcoal, Paint…in “Art Set Pro” – and a P.S. Note…

Drawing of bowls and lemons

With my finger, on the iPad screen – built this up, much like I’d do with pencil on paper. Mostly drawn, from my imagination; though always see, plenty of dishes..round here! Did look closely at the lemons.

P.S. To my blogging friends – and whoever else lands here. Sort of a post within a post. 🙂

Since blogging here I’ve used the handy “publicise” option, in WordPress, to send my posts to my “facebook artist page”, or “fan” page as it is often called – a term I don’t much like, or that word “followers”. I’ll now, also, share some quick short posts, works in progress, etc….to my “page”, in between, posting here at my blog. I’ve shared a bit about my blog aims, for this year, in an earlier post.

I’ll occasionally, round up some of these “facebook” posts, and post them on my blog.

I’ll still use “publicise” for some of my WordPress posts, particularly for the longer ones.

Not that keen on many things about facebook, though having a “page” on there (which I had, before I began my blog) has it’s merits.

My main reasons for posting more, on my “facebook artist page”; aside from reaching a wider audience,(many, may never travel through the blogosphere galaxy), there is the usual “time” factor – so quick to scoot my pics onto there. *Not sure about using Instagram…may eventually…. 

Also if I upload a post to my facebook “page” manually – as per this post, (though not the P.S section) when viewers, tap on a pic for a closer look, they’ll not be whizzed off, to my blog.

*Since writing this, I have shared in a following post, that  facebook has changed the  facebook algorithm for news feeds. So this takes the fizz, out of my above plans! Will mostly keep to using the WordPress “publicise” option after all.  

My site now operates more as a website – apparently, all blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs, read that somewhere. I’ve put on a static front page (which I can, rearrange now and then, good fun), and so it operates more as a website… I think… ;)… sometimes I don’t have the commenting option turned on.

Enough of my meanderings! Thank you for your attention, mind you, I can understand, if you dozed off along the way…Hmm remember somewhere how it’s good to be concise…oh well.
Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Pencil, Charcoal, Paint…in “Art Set Pro” – and a P.S. Note…

  1. Heh! I enjoy your meanderings – also love this piece – I may have said before but it reminds me of Renoir. They said it was as if he painted with balls of cotton wool. Your work is animated reminding me of the old early movies. Good stuff. Thanks KR

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    1. My goodness! Thank you, Ken, no don’t reckon you’ve mentioned Renoir…..high praise indeed! One of my favourite artists, I can only hope to have a glimmering of a glimmering, of any thing like his work in mine! Thanks again Ken…actually looking at a Renoir print I have on my wall now…sigh. Glad you enjoyed my meanderings. 🙂 All the best, Janette.


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