Trying Out Watercolour in the “ArtRage” App

Watercolour of women's face
A little too red on one side of the face, and on the neck! Just swishing the paint around and enjoying the “feel” of it.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

More of those “faces” I like to do.

In a revisit to the “ArtRage” app, I discovered there were more ways with watercolour, than I initially thought.

Unlike, “Art Set Pro”, which is so simple and straightforward to use, many art apps require more fiddling around with dials,( probably not quite the right word for this techno area) 🙂 and so forth, to discover what’s there.

Though with some experimenting, I often find there is much of value media wise, in many of the art apps I’ve tried. This does compensate for the time spent learning the ropes; and with a bit of practice, it does become much easier to just get on with drawing and painting! Still don’t like to use the layer system that some have – don’t see a need for it.

Watercolour of women's face
Lovely watery greys, with just a little orange and brown.
Watercolour of women"s face
Some more greys. I’ll certainly be trying out more of this watercolour aspect of “ArtRage”! So much fun!

Another app, which I love for it’s watercolour effects is “Auryn Ink”. The developers of this app seem dedicated to making it as much like using water and a brush, as is possible – and they have had amazing success so far. They are still looking to make further refinements As yet, I’ve only dabbled in it a little. I’ll share about it with you, when I get to try it out more.

I love the element of surprise in using watercolour. Of not always knowing how the colour will travel, or what the colours will do. It makes this medium, particularly appealing to me (and no doubt to many who use them). It’s surprising how well these art apps manage to emulate this aspect.

“Art Set Pro” doesn’t have a specific watercolour option, however, wiping the “sponge” in the app, over various media, gives some surprising watery effects. Also, when I thin out the paint, it gives a lovely wash look. These two elements, somewhat satisfy my watery requirements, when I work in this app.

In recent months, I’ve begun to use more of my traditional media – it’s been awhile! Perhaps, my pencils, pens, brushes… sighed with relief, as I picked them up again. I wrote them a poem, early on in my art app adventures, called ”Ode to My Pencils”.

I’m thankful for all the options I have both in art app and traditional media.

Hope you get to do some art this week, whether on iPad (android tablet), paper or canvas.