Making ebooks on an iPad in “Book Creator”

I was so excited when I found the “Book Creator” app and also “Scanner Pro”. This meant I could easily scan in my pages from my handmade books and turn them into ebooks; with the option of also creating a hard copy book from this app.

There’s more about these areas,  on my page, “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”. I made the slideshow below;   with some pages from my handmade book “Mother as Writer”. I wanted to give you an idea of how easy it is to get your words and pictures onto pages in a book,  in “Book Creator”.

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This book is a long narrative poem, which turned into an illustrated book; which often happens to my poems. At the least, my poems are dressed up with a drawing – they help each other out…a sort of a synergy.

I wrote the “Mother as Writer” poem very quickly. I was in the middle of, I think, cleaning one of  boy’s bedrooms, who were still quite young then. I remember, thinking about how on earth was I ever going to get time to do any of my arty projects.

I’d just read about a woman, who was a writer and spoke about walks on the beach, and having coffees as she pondered her next piece of writing. That was just soooo – far removed from my own writing life; it kind of triggered a response poem! I thought, well – this is how I write and off I went. I dashed down some lines: did some more cleaning, dashed down more sentences, kept on working, scribbled down more lines and so on – this being the usual way that I had to write (and draw).

Poem and picture
Part of the back cover of my “Mother as Writer” book; (paper isn’t this yellow) could well have been titled”…as Artist”..

It flowed surprisingly well from the very first draft; which is not often the case. As I reread it, I was encouraged to see, that for a busy mother (is there any other!) I didn’t do too badly. I did actually get some writing and drawing done.

So I polished it up (redrafting is always so neccessary); drew the illustrations, photocopied, stapled it up and sold the books locally. I wanted my book to encourage other mums – and myself! – that arty or other projects; can get done, between housework and bringing up a family.

It just takes time (a lot longer than usual), and perseverance – one of my favourite words. For me, it was certainly worth weaving my art and words throughout my day, in this way; as I loved being at home with the kids – always inspirational. My art and words are very much about my life.

The feedback from people (glad it sold well), suggested it was an encouraging read. I still work around family life (I’m sure many of you do too), but have a little more time to work on my many projects. Hope to get this one available to a wider audience very soon.

Meanwhile, I hope this post and my blog in general, is an encouragement to you, whether a mother or not;  to pick up a pencil, pen or iPad and in your busy day, dash down some words or a sketch or two, or maybe more…

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    1. With the art apps I use I get excellent print quality in A4 (29.7cm x 21cm,11.7in x 8.3in) and most print very well in A3 (29.7cm x 42.0cm, 11.69in x 16.53in) with negligible pixelation. I use a great app called “Big Photo”, to resize my iPad art to about 12megapixels before I upload them to RedBubble. This enables larger prints. There’s a bit more information about these areas on my page “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”. Happy printing.

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