Pencil lines, juicy paint – in art apps

In this past year of iPad painting and drawing, I haven’t missed doing my art in my usual way, holding onto a: brush, pastel, pen or pencil. Which seems kind of strange, as I’ve created my art this way since a young child.
Vase of orange flowers
Lovely paint to splash about,  in”Art Set Pro” app.

I think it’s due to the remarkable visual richness of some the apps I use: the soft pencil lines, the dense oil pastel colour, the globs of juicy paint, or translucent washes of watercolour. It seems within moments, as I glide around with my finger (rarely use a stylus) and splash, dab, sketch…on the screen, the glass becomes paper or canvas and my finger turns into a brush or a silky wax crayon or a chunk of charcoal, or a bright marker pen or…; maybe that’s why I haven’t missed them..yet..

I ponder the process of image making and reckon just getting it down and visible by any means possible is often quite sufficient and satisfying for me…for many others..over eons of time…

A pile of washing
I drew this in the “Bamboo Paper” app. The pencil has a very rich ‘feel’ and this app has lovely muted watercolours.

I’ll use my old media again, I’m pretty sure, well I think so..a paddle around in some watercolour would be nice. Though the sponge in the “Art Set Pro” app and the watercolours in some apps are pretty effective and finger-painting is good fun!

Moonlight over a landscape
Painted this in “Art Set Pro” app.

Yet, with only have a pencil and paper, no techno devices, lot’s of drawing (and writing) can still be done – and that’s a good thing. 🙂