Some quick sketches: a slideshow

I drew these during my youngest son’s school holidays. My routine was more relaxed; no tight schedules. I think it shows in these drawings. I love that I can just flip open my iPad and dip quickly into lots of different media. No mess or set up time.

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I think I’ll make a handmade book again soon. I’ll use most of these, and other drawings and print them at home on my air printer and/or email them to a store in town and get them laser printed.

I’ll show you how it turn’s out.

I am still working on turning other handmade books of mine into ebooks, using the app “Book Creator”. There’s a photo of some of them at the top of my page  “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.

A landscape
Just a play around in the lovely “Art Set Pro” app

Of course, it all takes time; lots of it – especially as I keep having new ideas for my art and words. Can feel more poems coming on! This is all good though (and good fun) with perserverance and prayer things will get done.