Flower painting
A whimisical flower painting, using the whooshy watercolour, in the “UBrush Pro” app.

Hi, I’m Janette Leeds. I’m an artist, with studies and training in: traditional drawing and painting skills, English literature, and Art and English (high school) teaching. Lately, I often draw and paint with my finger, on my iPad; in easy to use art apps, with natural looking media.*Some of the apps I use, are also available on an android tablet. I work mostly in a realistic style, and the traditional media I enjoy working in, includes: watercolour, pencil, inkpen, acrylics… My inspiration comes from: God, family and everyday life…

It’s a pleasure to share with you here, creative ways with iPad and traditional art – sometimes a blend of both in the same pic – and a few of my illustrated poems, mostly haiku. Also, within this mix, you’ll find some writing and drawing tips.

       Paint, Write, Draw… Come along and explore – lots of fun to be had, on paper, canvas and iPad!
Mother and baby painting
This is the finished artwork – after using my iPad to scan in my watercolour pencil drawing, and then painting on it with “Art Set Pro” media.
I used paint and smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app. Put my words/haiku on in the “TypeDrawing” App.

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