Flower painting
The lovely whooshy watercolour, in the “UBrush Pro” app.

Hello, and welcome, I’m Janette Leeds. I draw and paint in traditional media, and also on my iPad. I dip my finger into natural looking media, in easy to use art apps – some are available on android tablets.  I also write and illustrate poems – mostly haiku.

The traditional media I use, includes: acrylics, watercolour, pencil, and water soluble oil pastels/pencils…with some ventures into mono printing and linocuts. At times I merge iPad and traditional work together in the one image. My style tends towards realism, with often a bit of whimsy in the mix; and inspiration comes from: God, family, everyday life…

Painting of a plant in a vase
Begun with an black fineliner ink pen on paper, then paint colour added in an art app.

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