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Hello, I’m Janette Leeds. I’m a traditional artist, working in: watercolours, acrylics, pencil…; along with exciting adventures in the world of iPad art. *Some of the apps I use are availble on android tablets. I record my art travels here – a sort of online journal, and a way to share it with you. I print many of my iPad drawings and paintings; sometimes merging an iPad artwork with traditional media. As well, I write poems, and illustrate them. The iPad is such a handy little studio – also built my website on it. Inspiration comes from: God, family, everyday life… Thankful for all my art and writing opportunities, whatever media I use.
Hope my art and words, are an encouragement in your own creative journey.                                                                                                                                 

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The various apps and products I share about, as well as any links listed, are to offer you information – which I hope you’ll  find helpful, and explore further. I’m not affiliated in any monetary way (would make it clear if this was the case) with the product developers or companies, nor do I neccessarily endorse all their products or practices – just saying.